Sony: Buy Sega, Get These 12 Dynamite Games on PS4 & Vita

"You may have heard that Sega is laying off 300 employees, a move that usually signals dark times. I think it’s time Sony steps in and buys Sega. And hey, if that happens, maybe these (hypothetically) cool games can happen too." -PSLS

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knifefight3425d ago

I'd pay so much damn money for Shenmue 3 and Skies of Arcadia 2.

theshonen88993425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Why do people think buying companies is easy? Sony is not Google, it is in no way financially powerful enough to buy an entire corporation that's been around for decades. Hell, even the Minecraft purchase by Microsoft was a huge deal, and that's one game.

Companies aren't something you can just "buy" like toilet paper. If you purchase them then you're in charge of restructuring and turning their profits around. Like hell Sony would go through that much trouble for a company whose games don't even sell that much.

OmegaShen3425d ago

First off, Sony can buy Sega with no problem. Sega's value is pretty low, as for games.

You do know Sony then can get Sega to come out with Shenmue 3 and that would sale like crazy. Sega has big name games/charaters, but the ruin them with bad games.

darthv723425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Sorry Omega...it's just not that easy. It's understandable to think it is but it isn't. You are talking about absorbing any debt that company might have as part of the buyout process.

And that includes any additional financial responsibilities to the employees including benefits and pension. It may just be easier to throw $$ at them to secure the rights to a game or co-develop but to buy a company outright....

And where is your "secondly"? You can't have a "first off" without having any additional points laid out. Or was that just to sound intellectual?

As for companies with enough liquid assets to purchase Sega... EA would probably top that list followed by MS, Activision and then Nintendo.

MS just made a huge purchase of Minecraft and all its properties so they 'could' be able to buy Sega but not likely as they would probably like to recoup some of that $$ they just spent.

Activision has generated so much revenue from its COD series that it also could buy Sega but there is too much diversity in Sega's IP's to let Activision really take advantage of unless they want to revive the Jest Set Radio in place of Tony hawk and maybe outtrigger or Alien Front online to add into their FPS stable.

nintendo would likely benefit from the Mario & Sonic crossovers in the future but Sonic being limited only to nintendo platforms would get stale really fast (faster than sonic himself). I can still see some deals for exclusives in the future though as there is still an appeal for Sonic from a younger crowd (despite sonic boom).

So that leaves EA. A company with the $$ and the resources and the desire to restore faith in Sega's IP's. Especially when EA's main competition seems to be Activision (in the FPS side). EA could benefit from the long history of Sega racing games as well as their platformers much more than the other companies.

AngelicIceDiamond3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I can see Sega being bought out by Apple or Google. And put a shame on all their beautiful.

candy Crush Shenmue anyone? SMH..

@Shonen Made a good point MS was in in talks and process of acquiring Minecraft for roughly 5 years now. Lol 5 years for one game.

A huge game but a single game nonetheless.

If Sony acquired SEGA it wouldn't matter until Sony OFICIALLY starts announcing SEGA Ip's they want back and release date.

Sorry but the arthur is delusional.

I can't see Sony, MS or Nintendo touching SEGA any time soon.

OrangePowerz3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I don't see Sega being bought by any company. They come with a lot baggage, they have their non video games devisions and most of their talent and studios vanished ages ago. Not many if their games sell that well and while I would love Shenmue 3 we do need to be realistic, the target group isn't huge and the sales wouldn't be very high. The most likely case of any company acquiring their IPs is if they go bankrupt and Sega is sold piece by piece like THQ.

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k3rn3ll3425d ago

I think everyone just needs to chill out. Sega is not its own company. It is a subsidiary of another holding company Sega Sammy. That company is profitable. And its games Division isnt far from being profitable either. Now they would have to be willing to unload the Sega division, which their not. The 300 employees cut is to make it profitable. That is only a small % of the 2000 at Sega. Much less of Sammmy's overall 7,000 So lets stop acting like its a firesale. Sega Sammy has 6 billion in assets. Sony cant afford to buy a company that isnt extremely profitable. They cant choose it. And I doubt they would be able to by Sammy as a whole. HIGHLY DOUBT.

Secondly, as far as games go, this notion that if you buy a company all of a sudden there games magically code themselves onto your platforms is nuts. That would be an investment of a lot of money with little guarantee of a profit. Sony cant do that either right now.

So stop with your pipe dreams. Sega isnt for sale by its owner, and Sony isnt Looking either. I like Shenmue as much as the next guy but you guys are far from realistic right now

reallyNow3425d ago

its typically a really hard sell to sell your dying company to another company. most companies would do the smart thing and wait for the company to die, hire the talent and IPs they want, and let the rest fade into obscurity.

lipton1013425d ago

As soon as I saw the title your comment is exactly what I thought. It's 100% true, what made me laugh even harder was the 20 simpleton disagrees you got. Kids nowadays think games are born, not made. They have no appreciation for the hard work that goes into a video game, let alone the complex undertaking that is a major acquisition. Bubbles for intelligence.

crxss3425d ago

sony buying sega would be like disney buying lucasfilms. BRING BACK SHENMUE

user55757083424d ago

sega isn't just sega. its sega sammy holdings CO. it would be quite expensive to buy. now if sony had purchased atlus a while back instead of sega, that may have been a better decision

bmf73643424d ago

Sony was able to financially save Squaresoft in the past by becoming a major shareholder for the company. They don't have to make Sega exclusively their private property or take over the company, but they can offer SOMETHING to assist them.

Zeref3424d ago

IF anyone is going to buy Sega. Its gonna be Nintendo or Microsoft. Sony just doesn't have the money to afford a company that doesn't make much profit.

JasonKCK3424d ago

Sony can't afford to buy Sega even in it's current state. Sony is not Apple, Google or MS when it comes to money. Sony just can't go out and buy anything they want when they're are nearly broke themselves.

T2X3424d ago

Actually, it will probably come to pass that either they A) Just close up and sell off all assets etc. or B) FIle for bankruptcy protection. Then they can do what tons of other companies do. Re-open later and start again.

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Dhampir3425d ago

All Valkyria Chronicles games on consoles would be nice. Best PS3 game in my opinion. They really should make a new one.

Sony just laid off almost 4000 people. They are pumping a lot money into capcom at the moment too. Doubt they can really afford to chance it. Sega would be fine if they would stop making junk, like Sonic Boom.

Microsoft might be a better fit for Sega anyway. Shenmue 2 was only on Xbox in the US. Would give them a few japanese properties.

Deadlead3425d ago

Would be cool, buuuuut not gonna happen imo. Although with gaming emerging as Sony' most lucrative section of business, perhaps theyd put some consideration into making a move like this.

3-4-53425d ago


* Sega Scales back, Nintendo buys a few IP's, Sony buys a few IP's, & everyone wins.

* Sega stays alive, they become more managable, their IP's can get new life on new consoles, and both Nintendo & Sony fans can enjoy Sega titles.

* I wonder about their PC IP's though like Total War.

Not even sure if this is possible though...just an idea.

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Magicite3425d ago

I almost read this title as ''Sony buys Sega''.

payikick3425d ago

Honestly I really don't care who buys Sega, as long as they make Shenmue 3 true to its roots

awi59513425d ago

No Nintendo should buy sega! They need the help and they can finally team up and take down the new upstarts Microsoft and Sony.

TWB3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I haven't really kept up with the news about Sega and Nintendo but for some reason I remember reading from a game magazine (around 2010 or before) that Sega went bankrupt and Nintendo already bought them out ?

Could have been just speculation at the time but if its was not true...

They should do it now, Sega as first party company could be a very powerful weapon.

Gamer19823425d ago

If Sony bought SEGA that would just be weird.. Sonic only on playstation.. Nintendo would freak as a 1/3 of its catalogue right now has SEGA stamped on it either producing the games or through characters. That would be another nail in the WiiUs coffin. Sony could finally get its own decent smash game with SEGAs back catalogue of characters and its own. Not to mention the next smash game will lose a bit of its roster as it has a few SEGA characters.

But I say bring back Crazy Taxi and make it glorious again.

Godmars2903425d ago

In an age of microtransactions and DLC, you *REALLY* need to be careful what you wish for...

Syntax-Error3425d ago

The reviewer is fanboy idiot. Sony itself is in dire need of funds, so buying a Sega is not in the cards right now. People think this is play money. It's not like buying a damn car. These companies better be profitable with a 3 year stretch. It's cheaper to buy the IP than the studio, but Sega has already stated they will NEVER sell the Shenmue IP

BG115793424d ago

Damn for a second I thought that Sony did have actually bought Sega... I was like, best move ever!!!!

XanderZane3424d ago

The problem is SEGA doesn't want to sell. If they had, Microsoft would have bought them a long time ago. SEGA had made several exclusive titles for the original XBox including a Shenmue game. If M$ can pay a billion for Minecraft, they could easily buy SEGA. The Shenmue games were good, but they were never huge selling games. More of a niche market type game. If SEGA could do the complete trilogy for PS4/XB1 I'm sure that would sell in high numbers. A lot of people never got to play the first 2 games.