Kickstarter RIP - Igneos : The Last Phoenix

Greg Micek writes: "It's never fun to see Kickstarter projects fail, even ones that seem destined for failure from the beginning. However, it's especially troubling when it's a solid campaign with a very promising game. Igenos : The Last Phoenix was one of those games; it had fantastic visuals, a compelling gameplay conceit, and even a demo for prospective backers to try. Unfortunately things didn't turn out well for the developers at BearInMind Games. Since it launched on January 15th the Igneos Kickstarter campaign only managed to raise $5,840cad of its $40,000cad goal. Sure, the campaign wasn't a disaster, but with the February 19th deadline rapidly approaching things looked grim. And with that, the developers of Igenos cancelled their Kickstarter yesterday, citing the poor trending."

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