Why Project CARS' realism actually makes it more fun

Gamesradar writes:"A strange thing happened to me while I was playing a nearly-finished version of Project CARS at the weekend. I was using a single-seater 'Formula C' car at Oulton Park. I'd been using cockpit cam for a couple of hours, but I cycled through the other views just to see what they were like. And then I said out loud: "No way." Then again, a second later: "No way." And a third time, another second later, in a kind of refusal to accept what I was seeing. "No way." Helmet cam in Project Cars is like nothing else I've ever seen."

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Gamer19821355d ago

Im sorry but realism doesn't make games fun. The reason why games like Saints Row and the like are so damn fun is they went wacky and decided to go against the fun part. Once you start inviting realism into the game you lose the fun. The proof is in the pudding I mean who really thinks its fun to race a car around the same track over and over?? You won't find many.. So you gotta add something to keep people glued and interested. However the exceptions are for those who want a real experience and thats it own category.

Simulators... GT is the king of racing sims and the reason Forza doesn't stray into the sim genre is there market doesn't want the hardcore sim stuff they want a flashy car with a kick ass decal and want to race and look good doing it. Unlike the GT racer who wants to tweak EVERYTHING.

So while i'm not against realism on racing games as they appeal to a large market I wish devs would stop trying to say it makes it 2fun" as it doesn't

Si-Fly1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

GT and Forza are simulators? Laughing hard :D

Gamer19821351d ago

Never said Forza was.. GT is however.

Si-Fly1351d ago

If you love GT and have a serious passion in Motorsport id seriously advise taking a look at a gaming PC to run the likes of iRacing and Assetto Corsa, it's a whole other level!!

I'm 36 and only got into PC sim racing a couple of years ago having been a console gamer my whole life (aside from a C64!). I wish now I'd bought a PC for racing years ago, missed out on so much!

And it's not just the software, the custom wheels, direct drive, hydraulic pedals, rigs .... A proper hobby :D

If you need any advice where to start hit me up, doesn't have to be really expensive,