Joystiq isn’t Shutting Down…Sort of

Hardcore Gamer: More news about the Joystiq merger.

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Relientk771356d ago

I hope it doesn't shut down

Myst-Vearn1356d ago

I remember when I used to visit and daily, back in 2007. This makes me sad.

ctorretta1356d ago

Yeah I had a lot of fun writing for PS3 Fanboy with Nick Doerr and Andrew Yoon back in the day. Sad news about both Joystiq and Yoon this week...

ThatEnglishDude1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

RIP Joystiq staffer Andrew Yoon who apparently has died in a tragic accident

Myst-Vearn1356d ago

What the ***...he was the main contributor on PSPfanboy, I loved his reviews. I recall buying SOCOM Tactical Strike for PSP just because how much he loved it.

RIP Andrew Yoon.

spaceg0st1356d ago

I used to care about joystiq... And then I discovered n4g.