The Rift Arcade - Hands on with 6000 Moons on Oculus Rift

Space exploration games seem to be a popular focus for VR developers.

Which is a good thing, because space is an environment that most of us are unlikely to visit, and it inspires wonder in all who study or gaze at it. We’ve already seen Titans of Space appear on the Oculus Rift, followed shortly by Discovering Space; and now we have another: 6000 Moons, from developer Bin Software.

It’s a virtual exploration of all the world’s satellites that orbit above our heads, with (you guess it) 6,000 satellites to wonder at. To accomplish this feat, 6000 Moons takes publicly available flight and telemetry data and then processes all the information to render each satellite in its correct orbit and height. It’s an amazing sight to see, and it’s helped by the use of colour coding to distinguish between the varying orbital heights and patterns. However, 6000 Moons isn’t just a virtual simulation; it’s also an guided tour that takes around 12 minutes to complete, and it’s narrated the entire time in a friendly and easy to understand way.

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