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High-definition remakes of older games have been quite popular in the last few years, as many publishers and developers saw that, with minimal investment, an old game could produce a new profit via aging gamers and their nostalgia.
However, Capcom did this many years ago, back in 2002, when it rolled out the remastered version of 1996's Resident Evil for the Nintendo GameCube. Now, that same version is back another time, in the form of the Resident Evil HD Remaster, which has just arrived onto the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One platforms.

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Bleucrunch1410d ago

After reading this, I feel that this was a good review of the game. The score of 7/10 is fair as I wasn't expecting them to change the gameplay mechanics too much as that would make it a totally different game. I think it should get an 8/10 just for them deciding not to stick to the roots too much and forcing us to play using the directional pad. Bravo Capcom. Bravo!