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"Like watching professional wrestling or wearing a cravat, there’s something about Dying Light I’m compelled to defend. It has obvious problems, but many of them are eclipsed by the simple joy of braining zombies with shovels. It’s unoriginal, crude and frustrating, but it also lets me dropkick monsters onto spikes. Most of all, it’s a pleasing reminder that not every game has to be a $200 million sequel. And, just as Socrates probably said, we need the B-movies to appreciate the blockbusters."

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duger1410d ago

This is what I can't understand: GR is another reviewer that scored Dying Light lower than Dead Island. For gods sake - HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Is there any other Dying Light on the market?

Kryptonite42O1410d ago

That's what I don't understand... The game is clearly better than Dead Island. Very similar in many regards, only much more polished, with some new features added in, better story, etc.
I don't understand why it would get a lower score.. :-/
Anyway, being a fan of the Dead Island games, I personally enjoy Dying Light even more. Can't wait to get home from work and kick my weekend off by bashing in some zombie heads.

GetSomeLoGiK1410d ago

Yea I'm confused too, I bought Dead Island and Riptide day one and I love both of them but I love Dying Light more since its a smoother Dead Island with way way less bugs and more stuff to do in it. Also the parkour is amazing, after playing 8 straight hours, I honestly felt like I could go out and climb shit like in the game.

UnHoly_One1410d ago

Everyone has their own idea of what is considered a "spoiler", but in my opinion, that review is full of them.

Maybe not the "plot twist" kind of spoilers, just the little bits and bobs of how things play out that you are better off experiencing for yourself.

I quit reading it within a couple paragraphs before he got to a mission I HADN'T done yet.