Parkour saves Dying Light from the edge of mediocrity

Techland’s latest scrapes together enough fun to help you survive the winter. But only just.

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Anon19741360d ago

Parkour? Isn't that what JJ yells at Peter Parker?

zidane13411360d ago

This game is more fun then any call of duty game. This is close to mediocrity? This game is great, many great points to it, call of duty fanboy is more like it

MysticStrummer1360d ago

I like the parkour but Dying Light would be one of the best zombie games I've ever played even without it. It's not perfect but it isn't close to mediocre either imo.

LAWSON721360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Well IMO it is the best part, it just does not get boring. It saves it from being just okay, not mediocre. It is the game though, so maybe so. Everything relates to parkour in the game and is based around it to the point the game probably just would not work