The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official PC Recommended Specs Are For Mid-High Settings At 1080p

DSOGaming writes: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of our most highly anticipated games of 2015. However, it appears that PC gamers will need a really beefy rig in order to enjoy 60fps with max settings. According to CD Projekt RED, the game’s recommended specs are not for its Ultra settings, meaning that there will be very few gamers able to enjoy it at its Ultra settings."

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crazysapertonight1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

With 60fps or close?

vishmarx1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

[email protected] med high.
it was demoed on a 980, i7 4790,8gb

god knows what [email protected] with ultra and max supersampling will cost.
they havent even optimized ultra yet so even the devs dont know

Volkama1454d ago

Nobody in their right mind would attempt supersampling (or ubersampling) at 4k on any hardware that's out there right now...

extravalue1454d ago

might as well get the ps4 version then

gonna have to test (torrent) it and see how it runs before i buy it on pc

cpayne931454d ago

The reccomended specs only get 30 on medium-high???? Good god.

NuggetsOfGod1454d ago

If a 980 gets u 30fps medium is it badly optimized? Or super next gen?

I won't be made id it's the 2nd one.

ShottyGibs1454d ago

@ extravalue

I've noticed it's always the PS4 fanboy's like you that call PC out for pirating..yet have double standards for yourself.

AndrewLB1454d ago

When The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition was released, no single GPU graphics card had the power to run the game with everything set to Ultra and Ubersampling enabled.

The game came out in 2011 and still looks good.

Nuggets= The PS4 version's level of detail is between medium and high texture setting for PC, but keep in mind that PC also has an "ultra" setting. Also, the PC version utilizes nVidia PhysX effects, tessellation, high levels of texture/shadow filtering, additional particle and lighting effects, and ambient occlusion.

starchild1454d ago

The recommended graphics card is a GTX 770 on the Nvidia side, so I think I'll be doing pretty well with my GTX 970. Anything above 30fps will feel pretty smooth on my G-Sync monitor, so I should be able to get ultra settings or pretty close to it.

strauser3601454d ago


You have a valid point, these requirements would cost a lot for a desktop pc (I don't want to know what a laptop would cost to run this behemoth) also I love how many pc gamers are offended by your comment for no reason at all.

badz1491453d ago

and some petty pc fanboys here are hard at work trying to send a message that a $400~$500 pc would be more powerful than the PS4 and will run game better. and by here, I meant in the article of Dying Light PC vs PS4 article.

little that they know that those $400 pc is almost useless for current gen only games such as this. so can we please just stop pretending that a $400 pc is nearly as useful as the PS4 when it comes to games?

Vegamyster1453d ago


Actually no there isn't any here atm lol, give up the fanboy nonsense.

badz1491453d ago


of course there won't be any of those kind PC fanboys here because saying things like "I can run this at 1080p30fps, high setting with a $500 PC" or "my $500 pc can run this better than the PS4" will just show how stupid they are!

decrypt1453d ago

Why get the PS4 version. With PS4 you get a game running at 15-20 fps low settings with no AA, worst of all no way to ever up those settings in the future, you are literally locked at those settings.

Now sure you may be able to enjoy PC version at low or medium settings on your currency PC which is still ahead of the PS4, yet any time in the future if you do decide to upgrade you can always go back to better game. Think of it as a free HD remake, Playstation users can get the paid HD remake on the PS5 if that ever happens lol.

Vegamyster1453d ago


First comment: no one said or claimed anything of the sort, second comment confirms what i said so what was the point of the first comment?

ChrisW1453d ago

For gaming, 4K is ahead of its time. So, if you plan to primarily use a 4K for gaming, be prepared to wait a couple GPU generations before you can get the best.

vishmarx1453d ago

the ps4 version is confirmed to be mid high 1080p 30fps

NO game on ps4 runs at 15-20fps low settings. not even ac u pre patch.
bubble down for trolling

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Agent_hitman1453d ago

I know right dude, I think we should upgrade our PC right now.

BlackPhillip6661454d ago

Alrite time to remortgage the dog again i will play this on ultra ;)

I_am_Batman1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Where are the recommended specs listed?

Edit: Just googled it. Are those official?

I wonder how there can be official spec requirements when there is still about 3 months left for optimisation.

sourav931454d ago

Yeah those are official. CD Projekt released them earlier this month (or last month?).

Truehellfire1454d ago

Well pretty much means I'm going to have to double up on my GTX 780 and go SLI like I thought I might have to. I doubt even a 980 would be able to completely max this game and keep a steady 60fps at 1080p.

cpayne931454d ago

Well the reccomended card is 770, so I guess you can probably do high.

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