Evolve Dev On Paid DLC: People Are Making A Big Deal of It, We Are Trying To Make Good Content

Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve is perhaps one of the bigger releases of next month but the game has already been embroiled in controversy for keeping some select characters behind a paywall.

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Forn1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

It is a big deal because these kinds of practices are beginning to ruin gaming imo. I won't be supporting it.

paradigmfellow1454d ago

I will not support it either.

vishmarx1454d ago

i moved the game from, never buy to rent upon hearing the game has singleplayer too.but now its back to never buy.
feb has far too many good games for me to be wasting money on dlc


I will be supporting you guys in not supporting this game and the current practice of wallet rape through DLC that so many devs seem to think is not a big deal.

slappy5081454d ago

I won't be supporting these guys either, but rather throw money at developers like CD projeckt Red , who they themselves said they don't approve of paid for dlc

AngelicIceDiamond1454d ago

I don't like the fact you have to be damn near rich in order to play these games.

Throwin down 50$ or 60$ isn't enough these days.

I'm probably passing on this.

But its that classic case of where your friends gonna be at. I explained the DLC robbery but they don't care what I have to say they're buying it anyway.

Similar situation with Destiny.

Evolve will make allot of money because they're people who just don't care and wanna play with friends and are willing to pay just to keep up with them.

BoNeSaW231454d ago

Not a huge fan of Jim Sterling but he calls Turtle Rocks DLC practices what they are: BULLSHIT!

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Menkyo1454d ago

Wow I think this is probably the worst crying from a devs Ive seen in awhile.

Plyzz1454d ago

I can't believe she actually thinks that gamers would have a "knee-jerk reaction" to DLC even if it's handed out for free. C'mon now.

Menkyo1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Things like this just show how out of touch devs, publishers and the gaming media are with the gaming public. Look at Nintendos new youtube policy. Its total trash. It makes Nintendo look bad and worse yet greedy but thats what happens when you lose touch you make bad decisions and mistakes. Like EvO having a per order bonus that unlocks everything and Assassin creed Unity that has unlockables for real money. Games dont need hundreds of millions of dollars of ads to sell them. If 60$ is not enough shrink the advert budget.

TheJacksonRGN1454d ago

That is because some still do. I'm sure I saw a ridiculous article complaining about the Witcher 3 DLC should have been on disc.

cfeste1454d ago

Screw Evolve! I won't even get interested in paywall scheming.

Mikelarry1454d ago

Was never interested in this title but everyone was raving about it so I researched it and was not really impressed with what it offered from game play to the DLC galore so I am voting with my wallet and moving on

Razputin1454d ago

I actually played in a few of their betas and really liked the game a lot. But this ridiculous DLC scheme and the fact that they have $100 edition and so much extra DLC I won't get it anymore. I have 1500 Steam games alone.

Dying Light and Resident Evil are holding my interest for now.

MasterCornholio1454d ago

Wow they really do sound like pricks.


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The story is too old to be commented.