PewDiePie and other YouTubers dismiss Nintendo's proposed revenue sharing plan

Nintendo’s latest attempt to reach out to YouTubers has been ill received.

“F*** you Nintendo,” PewDiePie said of the latest proposal, in which Nintendo would offer video creators between 60-70 per cent of their ad revenues in return for permission to create videos featuring its products.

“What they are missing out on completely is the free exposure and publicity that they get from YouTubers. What better way to sell/market a game, than from watching someone else (that you like) playing it and enjoying themselves?

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WESKER20151385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Youtube "celebs" are the greediest of the bunch, they do everything for a paycheck, anything you can think of that gets the sheep talking, fanboy wars, memes, beauty and hair, let's talk rubbish while we play badly at this game play, COD, give crappy gifts to loyal fans who give you a comfortable living by watching your lame channel all while trying to sell them T shirts with your meme or name on them.

the smallest violin.

xHeavYx1385d ago

"This is why a tiny one man indie game like Minecraft could grow into a 2.5 billion dollar deal,” he writes. “That’s 2.5 billion… Made possible largely because of YouTube"

Yeah, this only affects Youtubers... /s

Septic1385d ago

I don't agree with what Ninty are doing here but as far as I'm concerned, if I'm using Copyright material like music or game footage, as long as the content isn't deleted or muted, I personally don't care.

But I know people make a living off of this so I do understand their point of view too. Sad that Ninty of all companies is doing this.

hay1384d ago

Big N is a company, from their point of view it's distribution, which is not granted with retail copies of the games. Due to the code of conduct which rules places like that, it falls under pretty much the same procedures as copying VHS. And according to that propaganda we had with casettes and later DVDs, PewDiePie can and may fund terrorism.

OrangePowerz1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I'm not a fan of them, but they decided to make a career out of it, so why Nintendo should take 30%-40% of their revenue I can't see. Nintendo gets free PR and their games get promoted and they have to pay zero. Instead they want to take revenue from the others and require videos to be reviewed and approved by Nintendo? Right now they are not even remotely in a position to dictate anything with their lacking WiiU sales.

Kryptonite42O1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

With Nintendo reviewing the videos, where will this leave game reviewers? What if someone submits a bad review? Will Nintendo hold them to a different standard than someone who might give their game a favorable review? Its almost a form of censorship imo.
Not to mention, I've read that it can take Nintendo up to 3 days to approve said request.

Not a fan of this decision by Nintendo.

Kaze881384d ago

Yeah and agreeing in to that could make other publishers think "hey we need also piece from that pie", then their livelihood could be at stake and it could be the death of youtubers. Not everybody has the same following as pewdiepie etc that would make them "survive" from that.

Kryptonite42O1384d ago

The "worst flaw is the list of games that are allowed to be played and recorded for play-throughs, reviews, etc. are limited. Almost none of Nintendo’s most popular games are included on the list. Super Smash Bros., Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and all of the Pokemon games are not included on the list. In fact, the only game on the list that really holds any weight is Mario Kart 8."

Hereiamhereibe21385d ago

This article proves exactly the opposite, go be jelly somewhere else.

Qrphe1385d ago

Are you implying not everything Nintendo does as a corporation is done with the best profit-making intent?

MK24ever1385d ago

I'm no "youtuber", yet I made a video from a game I love, tweeted it to the game creator and he re-tweeted it to the public, I used music of public domain and the other music I asked permission to use it from it's creator, I can only see a win-win-win-win situation here. I felt honored and humbled to have my video appreciated by the game producer, the producer liked the video and used it to promote and advertise his game, viewers get entertained and even the ad parasites and Google win something out of it, if I make $1 out of the video I'm lucky and that was not the point, it gave more than that on work alone to edit it. Check it if you like some Driveclub goodness

Multiplatguy1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I find it hard to side with either side in this matter. AngryJoe was given footage of Street Fighter from Capcom and because he wasn't allowed to monetize it; he took the entire video down so we couldn't see it. He must respect his fans eh? They won't lift a finger unless they get paid for it.

And he gets paid for his fake reactions over a trailer that he ripped from another Youtube channel? They should be grateful they could live this life as long as they did, not mad they can't get paid for other peoples content.

So he if he can't make money on it, he won't do it. And then he rants out of fear of having to get a real job.

TXIDarkAvenger1384d ago

Pretty sure anyone would if they got payed a bunch. If anything Nintendo is greedy with this revenue sharing plan.

RosweeSon1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Yeah and look at the guys attitude "f**k you Nintendo?!" Well that's charming your using their games that they've spent millions of £/$/¥ on and what we should all be allowed to just rip it off and put it all over the Internet, uh not really it's the same with music you wouldn't get away with just using everyone's music in your videos just like you wouldn't get away with streaming movies from a cinema to your YouTube account if your not original or creative enough to make the games yourself to show off at least have a bit off respect to the people who do take up their time to go and make these games for this fool to even utter those words against Nintendo is just a disgrace I'm sorry but don't bite the hand that feeds you without Nintendo's and others great games your "business" wouldn't even exsist. Learn some respect. Sounds like a school boy "F U Nintendo" shocking. You wouldn't even be relevant if they hadn't created these games in the first place for you to just yabba bare bull over the top of it, sorry how about shut up buddy and I'll listen to the fantastic soundtrack instead even some random thing yelping just not him, specially not now with his blatant disrespect for the people keeping him in his business? They should ban him from using their content and he'll have to make do with Microsoft. Or sony of course, just saying microsoft as it's no where near on par with Nintendo but who is for the bonfide classics. Anyway rant ramble over but I hate people just talking utter rubbish or being clearly disrespectful, learn some manners you have enough money and yet they are free poowho-pie.
But people saying Nintendo are greedy are you for real they could have said we get it all or you get 10% what with it being all legally copywriten by Nintendo as it is their content that is being used.

Radio 1 DJ's don't get paid royalties for playing music on the Radio, have a word with yourselves. I'll start screening my blu Rays in the garden and charging for the privillege? No. If your using other people's media and content be thankful your getting anything out of it at all ie just using or watching/viewing/listening to it should be enough, if in the bigger scheme of things it's not even yours and your "borrowing" stealing their content for your personal and financial gains... Peeps gone crazy.

Kaze881384d ago

lets plays are free promo for the game, why should they pay for nintendo for that? many companies use millions to promote their games, youtube lets play promoting is effective and free. Tubers pay enough to google and for their contracts.

3-4-51384d ago

* The truly intelligent ones will accept this, take their 60% earnings and find an additional form of revenue using their brains to come up with another good idea.

The entitled ones will whine and complain.

Kaze881384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

They make a living by playing and promoting games, its nothing illegal or something totally new. its more like free promoting. Its not like making entertaining vids and editing them was easy, it takes effort and real work. After you make a video google takes 50% the money, then if youre bigger than normal youtube channel you have contract with some big company that takes 30% of that revenue thats left...then even nintendo would want to take 40% more. so essentially you would loose 80% of the revenue in total. who the fuck would play lets plays if everybody had these rules as nintendo does? maybe the handfull of youtubers would be left after that.

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KrisButtar1385d ago

I find it hard to agree with Nintendo from what I'm reading here here simply because a number of others allow it and even push for exposure. For example EA the worst game company has this Ronku program that pays extra to the Youtubers on top of what they normally get. I don't understand why Nintendo is trying to get a cut when all these others are simply wanting exposure. I doubt I know the whole story and likely seeing one side.

tlougotg1385d ago

Meanwhile, as usual the die hard Nintendo fans say its the best thing since apple pie lol hahahah Got to give it to most Nintendo fans they would eat Nintendo s%$t if they sold it as the new amiibo and then say its the best thing lol hahahahahaha

Greedy as Nintendo which is why they sell an underpowered system for an exorbitant price and the price never drops smh. Then they blame it on the conttroller smh

ReesesPuffs1385d ago

I'm a Nintendo fan and I think this is a stupid way of doing things. Don't generalize everyone because of their preferences.

Godmars2901385d ago

So for all of this, sounds like they're back to square one over let's plays.

Tzuno1385d ago

I don't know about this guy PewDiePie but his character is retarded, maybe 12 years old will watch that childish way of him.

Deep-throat1385d ago

Not only kids watch his videos, some non-gamers watch his crap too!

I'm not sure why some (YouTubers) are so popular.

Qrphe1385d ago

You'd act like a retard if it generated you millions and so would anyone. He's actually a pretty based guy who tells SJWs to GTFO and doesn't afraid of anything.

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