Why All Three Game Consoles Have Now Ditched the TV

The vast majority of the buzz coming out of Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement has focused on Project HoloLens, and with good reason. But there was another important announcement in there, one that was key simply for the shift it signifies: You’ll be able to stream Xbox One gameplay onto any Windows 10 device.

“Streaming” means many different things these days, but what this means here is this: If you own an Xbox One, you can play games on your tablet or PC as long as it’s hooked up to the same network as the Xbox, which runs the game. There’s tremendous convenience here. Someone’s watching TV and you want to play Halo? Don’t want to pause Sunset Overdrive while you take a bathroom break? Sorry, that one is gross to think about.

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masterfox1359d ago

All TV stations are now being manipulated by big corporations and the only thing we can get by them is just filtered information most of the time and never us realizing what is the real picture of what is happening, I think I have years now that I ditch all TV programming in general, maybe just a few episodes of some series here and there but practically thats it.

All my news/information comes from the internet and realtime videos.

SaveFerris1359d ago

Apart from catch-up or the occasional d/l I haven't watched TV in nearly six years. I just have a television set as a monitor for the Playstation. It's quite liberating since I used to watch it way too much as a child.
Also, here in the UK you gotta have a licence for it and my workmates were somewhat shocked at me 'not having a TV' and not knowing about what happened on X-Factor, Celebrity Big Brother or Eastenders.

acekaze1359d ago

Not that paranoid XD but truth be said, we know, what governments want us to know, internet is no diferent and while alot of the information we may find over the internet may be true, you can never really know.

acekaze1359d ago

Internet news/information are also has manipulated has tv =p

SaveFerris1359d ago

Is it the Illuminati or the lizards?

SaveFerris1359d ago

Governments maybe, but also corporations?

ShutUpDonny1359d ago

And most of the time, if they are not manipulated, they are misinformed. TV or Internet, they both have good and bas sources.

SonyKong641359d ago

your disagrees shall come from old relics that all still rely heavily upon mega Corp media conglomerates that litterly shape the way they think via now perfected spin & propaganda.

the dull selfish mind of the many doesn't stand a chance in today's manipulated world 🌍

kneon1359d ago

It's worse than filtered, it's deliberately false, and it's even legal


Maybe you need to watch Canadian news, the law states that a broadcast licensee “shall not broadcast any false or misleading news.”

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kayoss1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I dont think all three consoles are ditching the TV. If anything, All three consoles are catering to gamers who have only one tv in the household. When you have different family members queuing up to use the TV, the time you have on gaming is cut down significantly. If you think about it logically, most TV shows are 30mins to 1hour the most. But a gaming session can last for hours. No family member will wait for you to finish your game to get a crack at the TV.
Sony, Nintend, and Microsoft understand this and are coming up with different ways for gamers to get their gaming fix in without the need for a TV. But with that said, At the end of the day, gaming is best done on a decent size TV. Remote play, Hololens, and VR are meant for short term gaming session. Have you tried Remote playing a Raid in Destiny? Not the ideal way to play.

wonderfulmonkeyman1359d ago

Think it might be the screen size limiting how comfortable it is to use it for longer gaming sessions?

Me personally, I've been using the Game Pad for extended gaming sessions lately, and it's been pretty comfortable overall.

Madock1359d ago

Because Nintendo innovates and everyone copy..daah!

nfl1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Tbh. I do like the idea of remote play and i have a vita and xperia z3 compact tab. However, i dont find myself using it as much as i thought. Mainly as it affects the lag and on games i like.
With all the focus on getting a gaming tv with low lag. Its hard to go this route.
If however you dont like these fast games then its fine and gr8.
Id just get a tv seperate for gaming if it really affects others watching tv.
I still think its good.
For fast paced shooting on the go......killzone mercenary is the one.

hasamalaha1359d ago

Offering alternatives means they are ditching TV?


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