Dead or Alive 5: Last Round's lack of bouncing penises is a missed opportunity for sex equality

Dead or Alive is often cited as one of the sexiest games, but here we approach the matter from a different side, maybe what we need are bouncing penises next to bouncing boobs.

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superchiller1359d ago

If the girls in DOA5 have penises, it's really not going to do a lot for gender equality, is it? It certainly might help promote Transgender rights, though.

Bigpappy1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I am sure they are trying to increase sales and not decrease them. Young heterosexuals are the primary buyers of these games. Bouncing penises are NOT going to increase sales, but will definitely chase some buyers away.

The bouncing breast are actually not that big of a deal. Actually is quite natural.

rextraordinaire1359d ago


I for one would like more pants bulging and freeballing.

When was the last time they went full frontal male nudity? Dante's Inferno?

jetlian1359d ago

gta 4 and 5! HOW IS a breast equal to a penis? shouldnt that be a vagina

rextraordinaire1359d ago

Yeah it should. But I have all the shirtless guys I could want already!

Maybe the thing would be to show female nipples more, then.

Dhampir1359d ago

Labia physics for skydiving was a missed opportunity in GTA5.

Razputin1359d ago

I didn't know penis' could bounce.

SmokingMonkey1359d ago

Do penises really "bounce" though?

I would call it more of a "sway" or a "flop"


As if the men in video games aren't portrayed to be "sexy" (def not as objectified as women)

Here's a guy from Tekken


Here's what a gamer looks like in the 21st century

Again, women get it worse, but to say men aren't "sexy" in video games is an oversight that bouncing penises isn't going to solve.

shloobmm31359d ago

I don't know one gamer who looks like that.

As for penis in games , we see more of them than we do vaginas. Far cry 4 shows the main characters package when he fights in the arena nude the first time.

Neixus1359d ago

Hot people are easier to look at, it's in movies aswell.

I honestly don't see the problem, i don't have that low self esteem to let it get to me that a virtual dude looks better than me, lol.

rainslacker1359d ago

Given that fighting games have characters that are martial arts experts, the chances that they would be fit is pretty high. Fit people are what most people consider attractive....I am reluctant to say sexy because I don't want to get in trouble.

Sure, DOA exaggerates(along with most Japanese fighting games) but I don't know anyone that would base their own self worth on something so blatantly fictional.

1359d ago
spartanlemur1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

That's besides the point. When most of your market is male (or you are targeting men), making a game gender-equal is a failure of business. The same applies to women.

And no game is obliged to push certain political views anyway. The whole point of freedom of speech is that the battleground of ideas, manifested in games, books and movies, remains free and open for new contenders. Restrict that through social pressure or law and society will inevitably stagnate.

I just wish there was a way to teach "sjws" more economic theory without sounding condescending. And nobody listens to anyone else on the internet anyway. People unfortunately come online to preach and demand restrictions on freedom, and not to learn; such is the tragedy of the internet.

rainslacker1359d ago

They do...guys just wear clothing which keeps them under control. Women have the choice to wear such clothing, for sports and such, they choose to wear something that makes them feel/look sexy.

On a side note, I have now made the most ridiculous comment about the stupidest topic I have ever had the pleasure of making on N4G.

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PoSTedUP1359d ago

ew no, even a lot of straight girls dont like/care for the look of a penis. so how about... bigger tits? kthanks.

rainslacker1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I'm waiting for the day when someone makes a game with completely not-offensive-to-anyone characters, and it gets blasted by both players and the media for being bland and boring. It would be a bonus if the character is compelling, and it has an excellent story, just so we can show that people like looking at pretty things. People often overlook artistic style in regards to character design and how important it can be.

Unfortunately, many SJW like to look at the other extreme and assume that their looks are the only part that defines their character.

In relation to DOA, there are some strong female characters, but they suffer the same fate of all the game's characters of being wrapped up in a mundane story which is nothing but window dressing to give some kind reason to move onto the next fight.

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