6 Things you'll love about Project CARS

MWEB GameZone writes: "Here's six features of Project Cars that could make it the driving sim of the century.

Reason 1: The Stig from Top Gear will be your driving assistant, if you own a PlayStation 4."

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plut0nash1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Driving sim of the century? Sounds a bit like hype. Lots of good sims out there: Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Rfactor 2. Does it look good? Yes. Will it work on consoles? Yes. That makes it a more compelling alternative to other racers currently on console. This stands for players looking for a more hardcore experience.

Also, it's road racing only. Richard Burns Rally remains the best rally sim ever made. Big genre imo.

HanCilliers1356d ago

Said "could", game has to be released before we can really say.

sprinterboy1356d ago

I won't be loving any of them until I get a new compatible wheel for ps4, still saving up for rs300 until I purchase the game.

nfl1356d ago

Yeah. I bought the rs300 when 1st launched. Then theis pc got delayed. So just waiting for the release now. Lol.

rawrock1356d ago

Ill stick with Forza Horizon 2, more my style.

weirdo1356d ago

having the stig talk through the ps4 pad makes this the best version imo

Vipre771356d ago

No so sure I agree. The Stig doesn't and hasn't ever spoken a word in the entire run of Top Gear. Why would it make sense to have the Tame Racing Driver speak now? They could literally put anyone in there and say, "And here's The Stig to give you some pointers" and you'd have no idea if it's really him or not. I'd much rather have someone like Mario Andretti, Richard Petty, or Marcus Gronholm do the talking. Bonus fun video of Marcus.

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