New Witcher 3 Screenshots shows Geralt in Full Glory

We have already seen Geralt of Rivia in action many times but it feels really good when you see some new screenshots of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. In these latest screenshots, you can see how much effort CD Projekt Red

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codename131409d ago

Everytime I see new screenshots, I get goosebumps.

die_fiend1409d ago

Or in this case, old screenshots. Looks amazing though, but these are obviously on a Chronicles of RIDIC PC.

lipton1011409d ago

My only problem with screenshots are that they're worked on prior. It's only one single frame which could be rendered in the highest definition resolution and the highest quality graphics available for the engine. I judge on videos. Upload a 720p showing the game in action and I get excited. But I'm not taking away from witcher 3!!! It looks amazing in every ss and most importantly, every video, I've seen yet