February 4 Persona news livestream schedule announced

As was previously expected when Atlus announced its upcoming 30-hour Persona news livestream starting Wednesday February 4, the developer has posted its schedule of events that it intends to run. Notably, a handful of events have been left mysteries for both February 4 and 5. Catch what’s known below. (All times posted are local in Japan Standard Time, GMT +9. For American readers, the stream commences on Tuesday, February 3 at 11:00 PM EST.)

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slinky1234561360d ago

Persona Q for for the PSVita would be nice... you know, supporting the PS community, the community that helped build the game and continued to build the game and continue to give money to you, that you decided to leave out the dark for the next title that was only built because of this community...

But what am I? Just an old supporter of all else you've done.

HentaiMasterRace1360d ago

Yeah, one of those three unannounced HAS to be Vita related. I'd even take a Persona 3 Golden type of deal.

GdaTyler1359d ago

I would really like that. I've played both P3 FES and P3P and neither is entirely definitive as a game. I like P3 FES overall, but it's combat system is much worse. P3P brings a female MC and the combat is closer to P4. So I would basically like a P3 FES remaster with better combat and added storylines.

Delsin_Rowe1359d ago

Better announce Persona 3 Golden Vita using Persona 4 Golden engine or a new engine and better combat system, a storyline that follow original game with the movie added to make it splendid. Then later around 2016 or 2017 announced Persona 5 Golden Vita with a tv anime series that is as good as the original persona 4 tv series not the golden version.