Prison Architect Will Launch Into Mobile & Console In 2015

Alpha 29 is out now on steam and is packed full of new content.
Introversion Software are currently developing a mobile version and also teamed up with John Cook at Bad Management LLP. He’ll be going across the Atlantic like a deal-seeking missile to find a retail partner and a publisher to help work on a console version.

"We have sold 1,066,233 units – that’s an amazing number and we want to thank all our the players, and of course the press for helping us to get here."

said Introversion Software, today.

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Garethvk1357d ago

Do we get to shank a snitch?

Jdoki1357d ago

Not personally as the player, but yes snitches getting shanked is a big part of Prison Architect. As are riots, lock-downs, contraband, escape tunnels, armed response SWAT, tazers, attack dogs and much more.

The single best management game I have ever played.

Garethvk1357d ago

How about trading the new guy for a back of smokes and some Pop Tarts?

Jdoki1357d ago


That may be where Introversion draw the line.

But a shanking in the shower room with a spoon stolen from the canteen over a stash of drugs is not unheard of.

And of course it is wise (or not!) to keep Min and Max Sec prisoners away from each other...

edqe1357d ago

Playing that kind of games with gamepad is just pain. I hope it supports PS4+K/M