Press Reset: Why Can't I Finish The Games I Love?

Georgie Catto writes: "Despite all the things that have changed over the last couple of years, with the arrival of a new console generation and the growing pains that have come with it, one thing remains stubbornly the same: I still haven’t finished Skyrim.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s been three years, and along with the new-gen systems have come some games that may have surpassed it in quality. And yet, despite starting it at least a dozen times, I’ve still not passed the embassy mission of the main story. Yes, Skyrim is packed with more content than a boa constrictor let loose in a choose-your-own pet store, but surely any sensible person would at least have played it through to completion once to see how it all ends."

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SaveFerris1359d ago

Lot's of reasons I guess. Distractions, responsibilities, lack of time, or perhaps that you got bored with the game after initially liking it (it happens). Everyone is different and the reasons for completing a game (or not) will vary as well.

DarkOcelet1359d ago

I believe lack of time and responsibilities are the two major factors that makes a person cant finish games. Getting bored of a game is a rare occasion unless its really really bad like those movie licensed games that i rarely even play or Duke Nukem Forever.

lipton1011358d ago

There has actually been times when I dreaded finishing a game because I was so in love with it. The Last of Us was one of them. I felt the end coming but I didn't want it to stop. There have also been times where I had too many games and started playing one before finishing the other and just never went back to it. It sucks getting older. On one hand I have the money to now buy any game I want, when I want. But I don't have the time to play when I want to play because with a high salary comes equally high responsibilities and hours. MBA. Gift and curse.

Tzuno1358d ago

Because of the time,they come out too fast and you begin all at a time and end finishing only 1 or 2 of them.