Xbox Experience on Windows 10

"During the Windows 10 event in Redmond, Washington, Phil Spencer (head of Xbox) took over the stage to announce the debut of the Xbox app on Windows 10 exclusively. With the Xbox app built right into Windows 10, Microsoft plans to bridge the communication gap between the PC and Console gamers." says Anikait as he takes a look at Microsoft new attempt to lure the pc gaming audience.

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Death1450d ago

I'm looking forward to this feature. Windows 10 looks very interesting for an OS.

DarthZoolu1450d ago

This will help Fable a lot! PC dungeon masters and Concole adventurers. I can't wait for that.

christocolus1450d ago

i agree 100%. it will definitely help fable legends. the games design will please pc fans too.

XboxOneX1450d ago

I will stick with Windows XP :)

Dlacy13g1450d ago

In particular I like that its bringing Game DVR as a standard feature so I can record any game on my PC.

4Sh0w1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Death Iam looking forward to this as well and I think its a brilliant move by Microsoft. X1 has some great games but even beyond that I love how the feature set keeps growing since launch I imagine with Windows 10 integration we can expect X1 to have more games coming with cross pc play like Fable Legends, also it will be very interesting to see all the really convenient and unique applications this will bring that are only going to be available on X1. This Windows 10 integration along with streaming my games to any device on my network is flat out awesome service which cements X1 as the #1 media centerpiece of my living room which it already was.

Death1450d ago

I'm honestly surprised it has taken Microsoft this long to get some kind of synergy going between PC and Xbox. I set up a Media Center PC to stream all of my content throughout my house. So far the Xbox One hasn't replaced the 360s I have as far as extenders go. Win 10 should change all of that.

Now if we could just get Microsoft to acquire Sega so they could have a little more presence in Japan and maybe get Phantasy Star released in the west all will be good in the Microsoft universe.

Iceball20001450d ago

And it's free! That's nice, but I still can't get over the fact that M$ might have something up its sleeve.

ExPresident1450d ago

Most likely how they plan to charge for individual services within the OS. Sure they announced the OS is free to upgrade to but I believe they'll charge for various features that exist in it.

hiredhelp1450d ago

Similar to Xbox Live on the Xbox where you need to pay to access online multiplayer, will this be a limitation for PC owners as well.

GFWL we stood our ground we said No we won im sure we do it again.

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XanderZane1450d ago

Can't wait for Win10 & DX12 to finally hit all the devices. Fun times are ahead.