The Wii U Basic is a must-have second console at only £119.86

Dealspwn reports: "At this price, the Wii U really proves its worth as a truly essential second console, providing a wealth of incredible exclusives that enhance and expand your gaming life alongside your gaming PC, PS4 or Xbox One."

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Fro_xoxo1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

My second console will be a PS4.. There's no room for Wii U even if it were given to me for free. . kudos to those who enjoy the Wii U.

One cannot deny that it's got a lot of quality games. . they just aren't for me.

Blues Cowboy1355d ago

Fair enough - you've gotta choose the console that's right for you, or more accurately the games that are right for you!

GamesGamesGames1355d ago

I don't think there is a must have second console but if there is the Wii U is nothing like it...

Sincere01211355d ago

I dont think any real gamer has a Wii U as a secondary console. With the games already out and games to come for Wii U it can only be a main console, secondary console is xbone. Leave the ps4 for the casuals as I don't see anything special about it, it's not really made for hardcore gamers.

Madock1355d ago

True, or just get a PC and ditch the Xbone all together

Can't be happier with just my PC, 3ds and Wii u at present

higgins781355d ago

Second console? It not only has a strong argument for being the main console but also the only console. Unless you have way too much time on your hands, you are never going to play every exclusive for every system. My set-up is a Wii U and PC. This way I get to play every Nintendo exclusive - and additional. My PC allows me to play most (if not all) major multi-platform games. I did buy a PS4 at launch but at present it is being used more as a Blu Ray player and set-top box than as a games machine.

I'd love to know a strong argument for picking up a PS4 as it stands because I would struggle to recommend somebody do so in all good conscience.

Blues Cowboy1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I agree completely as things stand, but I think by the end of this generation the Wii U will be a perfect 2nd console/backup console for a gaming PC. PS4/Xbox One for multiplats and the occasional exclusives, Wii U for the Ninty goodness. Best of both worlds, and again, it's more about the price too.

pompombrum1355d ago

A strong argument for owning a PS4? How about not being able to afford a decent gaming PC? Nintendo make quality exclusives that offer something different but are overlooked by so many developers. If your PC stopped working, think of all the games you'd be missing out on this year alone.

lemoncake1355d ago

Wii u is a perfect second console, so many quality exclusives and at this price it's hard not to pick one up.