It's Time to Salute The Nintendo 3DS, Defying Early Gloom to Pass 50 Million Sales

Nintendo Life - The DS family of systems is wonderful in many ways, and achieved sales - the highest ever for a range of gaming portables - that are staggering: around 154 million units. That number accounts for those picking up replacements or upgrading to new models, yes, but it's a monstrous number that is representative of Nintendo in its pomp, sweeping all before it in the last generation. With that in mind it may be considered odd to declare the 3DS milestone - announced today in Nintendo's Q3 financial results - of over 50 million unit sales as a triumph, but that would be to dismiss circumstances and the technologically evolved world in which it finds itself.

The DS, lest we forget, found a perfect storm - especially in the case of the slick Lite model. Its dual screen design was a fresh idea in its implementation - yes, we know Game & Watch had clamshell models - and the touch screen opened up a whole new world of casual gaming.

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miyamoto1356d ago

The 3DS only took off after they slashed the price when they knew people saw through their overpriced-underpowered schemes.