Square Enix teasing something 'Final Fantasy' arcade game related?

Square Enix has been on a teasing spree this week. After the publisher teased the new PS4 game 'Project Code Z' earlier this week, Square Enix is now teasing its fans with something arcade related that might be connected to the Final Fantasy series.

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Farsendor11409d ago

project code z made me laugh :)

3-4-51409d ago

Street Fighter + Soul Caliber = Final Fantasy Fighters

GokuSolosAll1409d ago

A real Final Fantasy Fighting game? It'd be cool to make it like Street Fighter or Samurai Showdown with Square characters, like Crono and Cloud.

F0XHOUND1409d ago

Chocobo racing....

Yeah right lol. A vita Dissidia title? Doubt it... its too secretive with this code name. Maybe a side on fighter? They've enough characters, something to rival Nintendo's smash bros? Don't count out a sky landers/amibo style system either, square Enix =$$$ opportunity!

titans99991409d ago

I thought they have already made a game like this before, it was called ergheist for ps one