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Septic1410d ago

Good videos mate. Keep them up.

ABMN1410d ago

Thanks man. I am working on the "Official" Video now. I am adding a video commentary over the gameplay footage you see there. It should be up in about 20 mins.

Septic1410d ago

Nice one. I like the fact that you don't ramble on for ages and go straight into it.

Its bloody annoying watching a video and having to contend with 5 minutes of waffle as the commentator talks about unnecessary detail like the moss growing on the side of a wall opposite a satellite dish in the Cosmodrone.

Keep it up :)

XboxOneX1410d ago

Xur never disappoints with the stuff he has for sale. I love him :)

akurtz1410d ago

Hmmm... Hmm.. Hmmm!!


DigitalHope1410d ago

Really? I'm getting sick of that phantom cock monkey always selling the same garbage. At least sell a heavy ammo synth.

CorndogBurglar1410d ago

Interesting. I've been disappointed for the past 3 weeks in a row. Im a titan and he hasn't been selling any worthwhile titan armor in a long time. Is helm of saint 14 or ruin wings too much to ask for? Anything really. But boots? No one uses exotic boots lol.

ABMN1410d ago

This has to be scarcasim

kayoss1409d ago

It's very disappointing when you find him and you see all the good stuff he carries but you dont have the necessary requirements to buy them. The only thing you can do is look at the specs and wish you had it.

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Magnus7011410d ago

His gear this week was shit. Give us Gjallarhorn.

ABMN1410d ago

I don't think thats ever going to happen. But I wish he would.

TimeSkipLuffy1410d ago

He had it once. It will eventually be back like Icebreaker. Patience is all you need :D

Magnus7011409d ago

The last time he sold it, no one knew it's glory. Mistakes were made.

GuruStarr781409d ago

I don't think Gjallahorn is ever coming back. It's too OP.

If it does come back, EVERYONE will buy it and it will make the game way too easy.

I don't think it's a mistake that they sold it week two of the game's release and they haven't sold it through Xur since..

Don't get me wrong, I think people should have it (I've got two through nightfall and a chest in V.O.G.)

Keep trying... you'll get it eventually through a drop..

Magnus7011406d ago

I got it from HM Crota this past week and the running joke with my friend is that Xur will never sell it until we both get it and he'll have it the next week. So here's hoping that's true. haha

GuruStarr781406d ago


LOL, yeah that's usually how it goes... I got my icebreaker finally.. and then Xur sold it a week later.. The one I got was before they patched vault of glass to give the 331 damage versions of exotics, so I ended up buying two from Xur, anyways.. I ended up upgrading the one I got from the vault of glass over the weekend, so Now I've got one for each character (3) and they're all at 331.

Now I need a 3rd Gjallahorn.. I'm trying to get 3 of every weapon that I use frequently so I can stop going to the vault every time I switch characters..

I'm still sitting on three characters that are all level 31, since I need one piece of raid armor for each of them to get them to 32! Hopefully RNG gods will smile upon me tomorrow on "reset day"..LOL

If anyone wants to raid with me, I'm on xbox one, my Gamertag is SGT Masser

leemo191410d ago

Selling junk this week, plus wheres the ammo packs. It's suppose to be three weeks. With so many people needing them, since lots have been use on crota hard it be great to get it back.

Neonridr1409d ago

agreed. Why not charge like 2 or 3 strange coins and give us like 10 heavy ammo synths or something.

GuruStarr781409d ago

I buy at least 200 or more every time Xur sells Heavy synths, because you never know how long it'll be until he stocks them again..

He should have them next week - Stock UP!!!

Copenhagen1410d ago

Bungie wants us all grinding with as little everything as possible. They've split the community over the G-horn especially with the new raid featuring the rocket launcher as an essential tool. It's a tale of the haves and have nots and if you don't have something you were blessed by RNG to get like the Gjallarhorn to raid with well you are second fiddle to those who do have one. It is a testament to just how screwed up Destiny is to see players adding or excluding people in raids based on if they were given one by RNG. I think it's a joke honestly I see people who would rather have a scrub who has the G-horn over a good player without one and that's just not right proves how unbalanced Destiny and the poor loot system really is. If you have been playing from day one like I have when Xur sold the Gjallerhorn in week 2 very very few even had the coins to buy it and the few who did and didn't never knew it was the best exotic to have. It's like buying the game only to find out it's not as advertised Bungie just keeps leading us along.

Neonridr1409d ago

bah.. Hunger of Crota works just fine for the raid.

But I agree, Dragon's Breath and No Land Beyond are very new to the game, yet here we are with their second go-arounds with Xur.

I don't think they will ever sell Ghorn again, but it doesn't make sense why not.. I mean Icebreaker is hands down the best sniper rifle in the game. Xur sold it once, some people bought it.. and lots of others wanted it. And low and behold he sold it again. This gives me a sliver of hope that Ghorn will eventually surface again in the store.

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