Dragon's Dogma Online Gets Beautiful New Picture, Info on Story; Test Version Ready Soon

Just one day passed from the full reveal of Dragon's Dogma Online, and the developers are already giving more information about the game. Today Director Kent Kinoshita revealed a new piece of concept art and a few tidbit about the story and the development situation.

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Lord_Sloth1358d ago

I seriously hope this comes to the west.

gantarat1358d ago

Capcom Registers Trademark for Dragon's Dogma Online in the US and Europe

Ozmoses1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I dunno with the recent RE remaster getting tons of praise and great scores with the critics, Capcom seems to be turning things around.

Especially if rumors like them considering to remake RE2 are true...

Dragon's Dogma was a pretty decent game and I think Capcom is starting to come around and listen to people.

mezati991358d ago

i don't think capcom is stupid enough to make japanese only title

Neixus1358d ago

Monster Hunter Frontier Online

Lord_Sloth1358d ago

I hope they're not, but their track record in pleasing their fanbase is less than stellar at the moment.

GamePeace1358d ago

I hope it too, so I can slay lizards like you in the game.

Kumomeme1357d ago

this is great,but i still hoping of pc release dragon dogma:dark arisen...not neccesarty a remaster,but altleast proper port