This Mobile Game Made $1 Million on Ads Alone; Borrowed from Frogger

Solicited as an “endless Frogger”, over $1 million from a free-to-play title has been earned exclusively through ad revenues. Here’s how Andrew Sum and Hipster Whale Ben Weatherall made success from humble beginnings.

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Jacktrauma1357d ago

Lol that's awesome! I guess they know how to get a crowd interested

JoeIsMad1357d ago

That's the best part of the game, you don't have to get ads, but when you do, you already wanted them.

UKmilitia1357d ago

my kids been on this yesterday,great game.

Orionsangel1357d ago

Crossy Road uses the same formula as Flappy Bird. All you need in these app games is the feeling that you can always do better than your last effort. Also competition between friends. You scored 90? I can beat that. I just got 120. Beat that!

These two elements are the secret to success in these type of app games.

Magnus7011356d ago

My question is, how many of those ads were misclicks?