Square Enix Teases Another New Game; Reveal Coming at Japan Entertainment Expo

Square Enix is really going all out with new reveals lately. The publisher has opened a teaser website for a new game, which will be revealed at Japan Entertainment Expo 2015.

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3-4-51356d ago

Just noticed that scheduled it the same day as the release of the New 3DS XL.

Trying to take away some of the buzz.

VsAssassin1356d ago

Project Code Z and now this? It's either SE is on a roll or they are on the troll (again!) If Project Code Z, the new PS4 exclusive from SE turns out to be another dud, I will definitely call SE S=So E=Extremely Disappointing!

DeadlyOreo1356d ago

When do we find out about Project Code Z? Isn't it today at some point?

VsAssassin1356d ago

I think it's tomorrow, the 31st, around 4:30 in the afternoon. I'm talking about Japan date and time though.

About this Project Code Z, I think it's either a new Mana or Unlimited Saga game. But then again I shouldn't hope too much - not that I got into these great games.

AudioEppa1356d ago

Hopefully it's not a JRPG and something actually cool an that doesn't come out 3 years from now like most games after they first get revealed lol

Ravenheartzero1356d ago

Do we know anything about a new Deus ex game? Been a while since Human revolution

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1356d ago

Apparently a new engine is being made with the new Deus Ex game in mind but not too much is known about it. Here is a little info and a couple screen shots.

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