What's new for the Battlefield franchise with Hardline?

MWEB GameZone writes: What's new for the Battlefield franchise with Hardline? Everything. A strong single-player campaign, a completely different battleground, where speed and quick thinking determines the outcome of every confrontation. Then there's a wide selection of new gadgets and guns, as well as a brand new mode, "Hacker."

Here's everything you need to know about BFH."

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SonZeRo1449d ago

I'm curbing my enthusiasm for this game. I want to see it launched first before getting excited.

HanCilliers1449d ago

I understand your reluctance. I think, even more than wanting to experience the finished game, gamers are more concerned about the day one launch.

CongoKyle1449d ago

I'm scared to admit I'm quite excited for this :/

SonZeRo1449d ago

It's not CS:GO Kyle, you aren't allowed to be excited.

DesVader1449d ago

Quite a few of the regular BF4 and BF3 players I have spoken to are sceptical about BF Hardline based on the bugs that BF4 had at the start and around the concept of the game. I do have afeeling though that the delays with BFH launch short sort out the bug issues and the game will lend itself to the guys who enjoy the close-quarters urban combat, which seems to be the most popular judging from the game modes most popular on our game servers.