The 8th Generation: Failing in Almost Every Way

Xbox One and Playstation 4. These consoles look beautiful sitting on our shelves. Their shiny exteriors, the flashy lights, it all seems like a great time to be a gamer. But is it really?

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qwerty6761358d ago


its a good clickbait title ill give them that.

theindiearmy1358d ago

"Failing in Almost Every Way"...lists three things. :|

fr0sty1358d ago

Look at the author's name, that'll explain why they feel that way.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1358d ago

Most of this guy's problems seem to be problems he created for himself. He has crappy internet and blames the console, he buys broken annual franchises and blames the console.

My console is not a paper weight. Between school, work, and volunteering, I get to use my console at least 3 hours a day. I really don't think this guy needs to be playing video games, this hobby is supposed to be relaxing and fun. Seems to me that this hobby is doing nothing but making him upset.

AngelicIceDiamond1358d ago

"I purchase a new game Tuesday and I can't play it until Thursday."

That is some freakishly slow internet WOW.

Besides that He has a point. Next gen is far from perfect lets not pretend it is. I don't see why people yell clickbait when it really isn't.

Its like we complain hard whenever a games, broken/over promised.

The services go down.

Bad/shady buisnness practices from AAA makers.

Why defend that? All those things happend within a year. But I guess some like abuse because we keep sweeping pieces like these under the rug.

So we're telling them its ok, ok because I love my console and games.

If you really like your hobby then heavily criticize some of the crapfest's that happened last year.

Just be truthful.

fr0sty1358d ago

Same crap that went on last gen, and to a smaller extent the gen before that. Don't pretend like this is new.

InTheLab1358d ago

The author is clearly not old enough to remember the beginning of every generation. Some of these issues like bad games with new gen struggles happen every new console cycle. Some issues are unique to this gen like digital games being u playable unless you jump through hoops BEFORE trolls break the servers...but everything else is what you'd expect with a new machine.

XboxCulture1358d ago

It's a great read as well, not overly opinionated. Might be an Xbox site but it resonates with ps owners as well.

Rimeskeem1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

are you reviewing you own article?

ah, ok

XboxCulture1358d ago

haha just making it known that it's not just "click bait" and actually a solid read. I'm the PR guy I don't write anything for the site. Just manage media.

MysticStrummer1358d ago

The article itself may be great, but that headline doesn't make me want to read it so in that sense you're right about it not being click bait.

I'm greatly enjoying my PS4 so this generation is going very well from my point of view. Today I played GTA5, Driveclub, Destiny, Dying Light, War Thunder, and the Planetside 2 beta.

Kingdomcome2471358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Man you really mix it up for one day. All in a day's work as they say. I generally play maybe 2-3 different games in a day lol.

OT: I've been able to avoid most of the messes that have helped to characterize this gen as a failure thus far. I have plenty of faith that 2015 is coming to save the day.

MysticStrummer1358d ago

I don't usually play that many different games in one day, but yeah I did mix it up yesterday. The most time was spent with Dying Light, War Thunder, and the Planetside 2 beta which I just got a code for last night. I was so happy I got that code, I did a little happy dance that included karate moves. Too bad I didn't think to save the clip.

rainslacker1357d ago

It is click bait, and while not opinionated, the "failures" are all based on the writers incompetence of knowing his options. The problems aren't even generational problems, but gaming problems in general.

Here are his reasons

1. frequent network outages(which aren't as frequent as most sites make them to be, and he admits to having crappy internet)

2.He has to download all games(despite not realizing that he can still just "put the game in the tray" if he purchased the retail version) and that argument is more on his internet than a generational problem.

3. He buys broken games, which has been going on for a while and not a generational problem. he doesn't bother to mention there are tons of games that release without problems day one.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1358d ago

Critiquing yourself? You must be one crazy SOB.

lemoncake1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Article isn't worth reading tbh with three random issues.

In second point he complains about having to download every game? I don't know where you live but last time I checked they still sell games on disc.

Third point I don't know what games you playing but I haven't fallen through the world yet on any game I have played this gen, while we have had some buggy launch games I would not go so far as to say every game released has been a bug riddled mess, far from it.

On first point I think you are way overexagerating the downtime of the live service, if it's down every time you want to play then that Internet connection you have that you admit is crappy is more crappy than you realise.

BigShotSmoov0071358d ago

I didn't even click on it cause it's garbage. With the games coming out this year for both consoles and the steady improvement over time, plus with the record sales of both consoles, in no way does that article make sense.

Clover9041358d ago

Well I'm having a good time

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