Should You Buy Dying Light?

Push Square: "This is not a review. As is the case with virtually all other publications, we only got access to Dying Light this week – around the same time as its North American launch. To be honest, it hasn't exactly been the smoothest release for Techland's undead-'em-up, with retail copies inexplicably being delayed in non-American territories for an entire month – and the digital version going AWOL on the European PlayStation Store. These distribution issues aside, though, has the Warner Bros published title managed to buck late 2014's trend, and launch in a playable state?"

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MysticStrummer1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

If you liked Dead Island, you'll probably like Dying Light even more. I hesitated to buy it but I'm glad I did.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

People really need to stop depending on someone else to tell what games they should be buying. Know what your interests are and choose games that surround the things you're interested in: Books, Movies, Technology, ect. ect. I enjoy manga, anime, horror, drama, thriller, old school kung fu movies, and things related to information technology

With that said here's the basic rundown of Dying Light

It's an action survival game with very tense moments during gameplay, especially when you're climbing towers and being chased at night.

The movement through the game is fast, fluid, and precise. Very well done.

Animations and graphics are pretty good with no "out of the ordinary" glitches or bugs.

The story works, the side quests can be done while simultaneously completing the main campaign, nice touch!

crafting and the loot system are both rewarding, very nice.

A very nice open world sandbox with a day and night cycle. If you get caught street level when it gets dark you're pretty much dead. Take this information and make an informed decision. My opinion? GREAT GAME!!!

Only negatives: NO SAVE OPTION? WTF? If there is, someone tell me what I missed and the voice acting is pretty generic, but it doesn't take away from the gameplay.