Instruction Manuals are Dead, but I’m Sure Going to Miss Them

GamesRadar - Before I had a car, a job, or credit cards, buying a game was a major event. It took planning to choose just what game I’d save allowance for, and often involved a lot of research on an anemic version of the internet to figure out exactly when that game would appear at my local store. When the day finally arrived, my mom would drive me to the the mall, I’d excitedly purchase the factory sealed case, and then head home, counting the moments until I could play it.

A final, key part of that purchasing ritual was opening the game in the car and flipping through the instruction manual. I’d carefully remove the booklet from the box, appreciate the cover, and begin to page through it. I’d see controls, be introduced to the story and characters, maybe learn some key movements and attacks. I wasn’t just killing time on the ride home from the mall - I was preparing myself for the journey I was about to undergo. And now, those days are long over for both me and the little booklets of old.

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