5 Hearthstone cards that desperately need some help

Here’s how Blizzard could improve some of Hearthstone’s most useless cards.

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JeffGrubb1453d ago

I have a list of 30 cards in my deck that I'd like Blizzard to buff.

ColManischewitz1453d ago

Poor Goldshire Footman. He's so neglected.

ninjahunter1453d ago

All these buffs would make all these cards OP xD

cmon, 2\2 goldshire? Thats a frostwolf grunt, 1/2 chicken is literally a magma rager in mage, or a 7/1 in warrior, target dummy would become a 0 cost noble sacrifice, wisp would be a free, better version of pint sized summoner.

IDK about farsight though, its 3 mana for 3 mana, PLUS draw a card which usually costs like 2 mana.

Ps4andxb11452d ago

People not understanding that if you continually buff bad cards, you end up with only one card type.

<insta kill enemy hero>

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