What Should Be In The New Fantastic Four Movie Game?

Clipping Error discuss what should be in the new game, should there be one, for the new Fantastic Four film. They go through their ideas of how the game should work and how it should feel to play to ensure it isn't rubbish like all movie games, except Sipderman 2.

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gangsta_red1448d ago

"What Should Be In The New Fantastic Four Movie Game?"

I'm guessing the Fantastic Four.

Blaze9291448d ago

Also fun. The game definitely needs fun.

Retroman1448d ago

the important question should be " where in hell is
Michael B. jordan human tourch"photo, if this suppose to be the New Fantastic 4 movie/game.

Magnus1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Not make a game off the movie. The other Fantastic Four videogames sucked.

If it were a stand alone Fantacstic Four with no ties to the movie I would want to see Thanos in it.

Summons751448d ago

Movie game? How about nothing because it will just be terrible, not to mention we don't need anything else associated with the terrible reboot they are calling Fantastic Four...

gangsta_red1448d ago

The preview didn't look all that bad. And lets be honest, anything will be a step up from the two we got so far.

Summons751448d ago

Well the first two were terrible but this is worst. Dr. Doom....a Blogger, common seriously? And Fantastic Four was always fun and tongue in cheek, there was none of that in the trailer. If it wasn't trying to be fantastic four then maybe it could have potential but it just doesn't. Antman looked better and that is saying a lot when the teaser we got for that.

gangsta_red1448d ago

Dr. Doom a blogger....get the hell out of here!!!

Summons751448d ago

That's what he is in the new movie. Best movie ever right? Not

SmokingMonkey1448d ago

4 player co-op/on screen not online (couch co-op, or as I call it


and make it have nothing to do with the movie.

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