The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Preview | GameRevolution

It can get rough on the large field that makes up each Legend of Zelda, a series I’m criminally under experienced in and hopelessly happy to have come to grips with on Nintendo 3DS. It’s a portable system capable of great nostalgia and glittering galaxies in glasses-free 3D, so I wanted to experiment with this hands-on preview. Later, before the review embargo has lifted, I’ll transfer my Nintendo Network ID to the new 3DS, which you can read a lot about here.

I grew up on Super Mario Bros. so some of the adventuring has had to wait and I couldn’t let Ocarina of Time 3D go by without a thorough play through. Water temple? HA! Song of Time? Sure! Now that I’ve landed in Termina and explored a little of the map, progressing into the Deku Palace and greater danger at that, I think I’ll preface any recommendations of “New” Nintendo 3DS XL hardware.

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