Apotheon Coming to PS4 February 3rd, Free for PS Plus - Launch Trailer

PS Blog:
While sorting out all the paperwork involved with this deal, we’ve had a bit of extra time to do even more optimizations and playtesting to polish off the last few bugs. With the help of Sickhead Games doing the PS4 version, we’re very happy with how the game has shaped up, and are very excited to finally release it to the world!

Back when we first started development in 2012, our original aspirations were much different. Apotheon actually started life as a sci-fi open world game where the player could sneak around a giant space station and cause trouble with lasers and rockets. While trying to flesh out the narrative setting, we starting going in the direction of a sci-fi mythology, with technologically advanced godlike beings pulling the strings behind the curtain. Coming up with a unique mythology was troublesome, so we opted to simply transpose classical Greek mythology into a futuristic setting, with Zeus and friends puppeting hapless mortals from their sub-orbital space colony called Olympus.

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TFJWM1357d ago

Not bad def worth checking out

Eidolon1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Looks like fun , wish it was on PS3 or Vita as well :(.

OB1Biker1357d ago

Yea I think they may be releasing a Vita version later on, and hopefully cross buy so free for people who got this one

ZeroX98761357d ago

2D platformer? YES!!!
plus rogue legacy this month?!?!?!
it'll keep us occupied until the release of The Order 1886 :D

MysticStrummer1357d ago

Cool visual style. I'll definitely check it out.

nyctophilia131357d ago

To be honest it doesn't look like anything special other than the art style. But for free, I'm not complaining. I'll definitely give it a try.