We Worry About: 'Battlefield: Hardline'

As Battlefield 4 continues to be tweaked, molded, and improved, why bring another game out in March? Well there are some things working for Battlefield: Hardline for sure, and a few things against it, least of which is another game too soon.

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SaveFerris1357d ago

I like the idea of a cops and robbers game, but since when were both armed like the special forces or some third world army? I guess this would make multiplayer a bit boring if it just involved pistols and shotguns though.

Jdoki1357d ago

The militarisation of the US Police Force is a real thing and getting worse by the day.

Almost every State now has a SWAT team, and often they are deployed for very trivial things.

So it may be stretching credibility a bit, but it's not significantly far fetched... And this is a game after all.

JoeMcCallister1357d ago

That's why I think they had to take that "this season on" angle of a cop show, it's looking more and more like a Michael Bay cops v. robbers game - which might not be too bad, but it's going to take some serious hands on to see if they actually hit the nail on the head there.

The_KELRaTH1357d ago

I just can't adjust to the BF4 (PS4) control. I'm firing at the enemy and next there's a knife replacing my rifle in the heat of battle!

Kornholic1357d ago

Same here.

I was pretty okay in BF3 (PS3). Going from that to BF4 (PS4)didn't transfer smoothly. I don't play that game anymore, because it makes me incredibly angry.

Kleptic1357d ago

If it wasn't a 'battlefield' game, i almost guarantee it would be on a lot more people's radar...

funny, as I also guarantee EA is pushing it as a Battlefield game to get it brand recognition as apposed to a new franchise...

its as infantry focused as BF has ever been...all coming after the laughable disaster that was BF4. I've been playing BF games a very long time, and i've never witnessed such a unanimous community response as 'maybe when its $5 in a year or so' as i have with hardline...I wish Visceral luck, but EA can sit on a spike...and I think i'm far from alone in that opinion...

JoeMcCallister1357d ago

That's a super interesting point - I wonder if it might have been a bit more interesting if it came out as just "Hardline" or something if it might not get as much negative feedback just off the name.

I have a feeling we'd still figure out that it was built off Battlefield, but the Battlefield name is a juggernaut, so it's not terribly surprising to attach it there to get instant recognition.

The_KELRaTH1357d ago

If it played like Bad Company (aka like older BF games) I'd be really interested as I really enjoyed BF2 Special Forces expansion with night vision, hook and zip lines to sneak up and across buildings :)