The Witcher 3 PS4 Currently Suffers From Slight FPS Drops & Pop In Issues, Devs Will Optimize It

A few details on the PlayStation 4 version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Fro_xoxo2374d ago

Plenty of time still to optimize.. I don't expect a flawless running game on locked hardware. But, do the best you can to make it near flawless.

vishmarx2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

i love how transparent they are.
hope it beats persona,bb,batman,mgs and uc4 to be MY goty
im not the biggest fan of what theyve done so far but i absolutely love how they do it.
and if someone can make an rpg as ambitious as this seems, its cdpr

ShinMaster2374d ago

I remember when things like these were not news.
The game is still in development and will be optimized by the time it's released. It's part of the average development cycle.

Now, if the game released with frame-rate and pop in problems, then we can talk about it.

Mr Pumblechook2374d ago

The article title is based on something not in the article - no where does Gaming Bolt provide a quote that distinguishes between the XBO and PS4 performance. This is 100% click bait to take advantage of the format wars. Rashid, I understand that you need hits but not like this.

Kumomeme2374d ago

its very very tough competition...some of the game even stand on its own in its own class...example like persona and metal gear is a title that not always we can found anywhere

PoSTedUP2374d ago

in other news: GTAVI has no floor..... or walls........ or cars... so far the sketches are black and white, but devs say they should have them colored in within the comming months.

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AngelicIceDiamond2374d ago

Of course the game still nearly 4 months away. The frames will be stable hopefully by then.

I know it matters to some just like how they still have time to get the X1 version at 1080p if they can at least.

Master-H2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

The last part of your comment, that would be the case if both consoles had the exact same graphical power (they don't), or if it was a less demanding game (It isn't). I say it's very unlikely to happen unless they reduce textures' quality or something big on the X1 version.

AngelicIceDiamond2374d ago

@Master True but last we heard MS is updating its SDK's and improving them, maybe some GPU updated tools.

I'm thinking this could be the same case as Destiny. 900p on X1 at first then 1080p at launch.

As for the PS4 unstable frames its still early, clearly with all the versions. still got nearly 4 months now so nothing is final.

The PS4 frames should be super solid then.

ainTgoTTime2bleed2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

It does not matter if the xbone don't reach 1080p, we play gamessz nah resszolutiosz, ...remember?;)

That's why I'm still playing Ataris games and such.../s
no reason to get a more advanced console.../s

Wizard_King2374d ago Show
No_Limit2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

@Wizard King, sorry graphics isn't everything, I'll take the 720p Mario Kart 8 and the Open World, 1080p racer Forza Horizon over the "OMG, glorious 1080p graphics' of Driveclub any day of the week.

typittt692374d ago

@ Wizard_King, just remember that the PS4 is only a little less of a weak ass "gaming" machine. That should help you put things into perspective

Canadianfubar2374d ago

Wait for it.....6.4GB Patch to make the game playable!!!after launch. Seems to be the trend with these new consoles, release almost working game to start making money back, fix it later with huge patches. Might as well wait for "Total Super Awesome DLC Everything Fixed" version a year from now..

emilijo7772374d ago

"Of course the game still nearly 4 months away."

Nope. Only 2 and a half months remaining. About month before release ( 19th May ) game will reach "gold" status.

XanderZane2373d ago

Yes there is still plenty of time. I'm not worrying about anything with this game aqt this point. The developers have a pretty solid record, so I'm sure they can deliver the goods. Just have to be patient now.

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BlackWolf122374d ago

wait wait wait, you DON'T expect flawless on a locked system?

That is exactly why it should be flawless. Because they don't have any moving goal posts to deal with. They know what resources they have, they should know how to fill them.

NuggetsOfGod2373d ago

Glad they are "aiming for 30fps" lol

HeavenlySnipes2374d ago

Why wouldn't you expect a flawless experience (or close to it) on locked hardware? Its harder to manage bugs on PC because of the fluctuating nature of people's setups that you'd have to try to account for

Whereas for a PS4/X1, everyone has the exact same unit.

lfc_4eva2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

It's actually not that difficult to iron out bugs on pc. Well not as hard as people would think considering the various hardware configurations.

The game doesn't really communicate with the hardware directly, instead all game calls are transferred via directx.

MrDead2373d ago

For all the children who sit speculating because they can’t be bothered to click past titles here is what was said.

"Coming slowly to the end of the subject that can cause a mutiny and uprising I would like to mention other aspects of graphics that TW3 boasts on PS4. Everything about the water looks awesome – the river is natural, underwater sights are wonderful and a pleasure to explore; wet surfaces look, well…like wet surfaces. Additionally, when we go out of the water to the shore we can observe Geralt being really wet, as drops and small streams are going down his face and armour elements even reflecting in the sun.

However, there’s another element that - among the overall „mid-to-high” graphical fidelity -evoked a feeling of total wonder and brought back nice memories from a beloved game that I spent a lot of time with a few years ago. It’s about the graphical arrangement of shining sun – the effects simply brings you to your knees. Sun beams literally hit your eyes, go through tree branches and sometimes can even blind you with their intensity. During a chat with Tadek Zielinski in the studio’s cantine Far Cry 2 from 2008 was mentioned when this subject was brought up. I have a lot of fond memories of that game and its upgraded showcase being present in the Witcher 3 gave me a really pleasant feeling. Traveling through wilderness on Roach’s back in the glare of the sunset – that’s right, we finally live to see it and Geralt needed it for a long time.

To end this part of the article I would like to talk about fluidity, playability and overall impression of experiencing the console version of TW3 based on strictly technical issues. The game doesn’t suffer from noticeable frame rate drops, at least ones that would hinder the gameplay filled with moments of dynamic action. When asked, he studio rep that was watching me play for almost the whole presentation admitted that there’s a lot to fix and not everything works as it should. Possibly it’s about the larger locations because in the hub I got to play there were some little drops but in very specific moments – the aforementioned transition from a cutscene to quick action which was accompanied by textured popping in. This area of development needs some specific polishing however those were mostly 1-2 second moments. During combat or exploration almost everything works correctly and you can derive full pleasure from gameplay. From time to time there are bugs – it happened a few times but nothing totally unexpected, as even the devs knew what will happen and reacted immediately, knowing the build well. TW3 on PS4 is fully playable as of now and satisfactorily optimized although it needs a little more time to get it in order. Bugs are obvious but when it comes to graphics – it’s not bad, it can really surprise with quality at times. But due to the fact that it seems to be a mix of different graphical settings it’s a little uneven, so more time is needed to make it even according to the rule: “remove where it can’t be seen, where it can be seen".

BallsEye2373d ago

Thought sony and all other devs said ps4 is extremely easy to develop for. Every game should run at solid framerate then.

Bobby Kotex2373d ago

You don't expect the game to run flawlessly? You're part of the problem.

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Palitera2374d ago

When they said "we are aiming at 30 FPS", it was pretty much confirmed it would be sub 30 FPS. Also, they are first of all PC developers, so it was expected...

But screw it. Take Red Dead Redemption, for instance. The game barely hit 30 FPS and didn't stop us from enjoying that absolute masterpiece.

nucky642374d ago

I don't see how them saying the game will be 30 fps means "it was pretty much confirmed it would be sub 30 fps" ???? I'm not trying to argue, but I don't know why you'd think that.

as far as gaming bolt - why create a story that this game has "slight frame drops and pop-in issues" unless the game will be sold that way....I don't see the point - and this applies to pc/xbox or ps4 - and if this is being "reported" - where were all the industry writers when assassins creed: unity was being shipped out in the state it was in? that game was SHIPPED TO RETAIL with many problems and not one story prelaunch about how messed up it was.

Palitera2374d ago


How many times in the last years a dev turned a "we are aiming" PR talk into a "we achieved" released reality?

nucky642374d ago

palitera - yea, I see what you're saying - although, most of the time it happens when devs say we're aiming for 60fps - not 30.
thanks for the explanation.

MysticStrummer2373d ago

Palitera loves to say things are confirmed even if they aren't. It's his way. The other day he said Dragon's Dogma Online, a game we've barely seen at all so far, was confirmed to be garbage because it will be F2P.

OT - Yet another article title that doesn't accurately reflect what's in the article. That's N4G's way it seems.

Yaqza2374d ago

I'm pretty sure they will nail it - I've played The Witcher 2 on X360 and it was extremely impressive from a technical standpoint. And remember that it was their first game on consoles...

BlackWolf122374d ago

PC first developers really don't have an excuse anymore.

The XB1 and PS4 are both very familiar architectures to PC now, so the port to one or the other should be very easy.

ShottyGibs2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

True, it's just this gen on consoles aren't powerful enough. They've given up on 60fps and struggling for 30fps this early on.

extravalue2374d ago ShowReplies(2)
S-T-F-U2374d ago

"Devs Will Optimize It"

Isn't this something that should probably be getting done before releasing the game?...

...Pretty soon we wont be buying full games anymore but parts of them. Piece by piece we will be handed them begging for the next part.

oh wait, that's already happening....

mkis0072374d ago

Is is months away from release...

MitchellK2374d ago

This game doesn't come out for months...

SCW19822374d ago

Clearly you don't understand the release date of this game. Good comment, keep trying.

Xavior_Reigns2374d ago

Plenty of time to fix it remaining so no worries. If this was Ubisoft though...

Hopefully its fixed by the time it releases, if not then a small day one patch would work.

XBO version should be solid though, hope they get it to 1080p.