Madden 15 Announces Patriots Mode

Video Games Made Me Do It: "Just in time for the Super Bowl, EA has officially announced their first game add-on for Madden NFL 15, Patriots mode. The new gameplay variant offers players the chance to play professional football like the New England Patriots, bending and breaking any rules you please." *Satire*

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PoSTedUP1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

rofl! aw man, i wouldve forgiven EA for all of their wrongdoings if this were real. brilliant satire.

blitz06231384d ago

Let me guess, you can deflate the balls and know what plays the defense is calling

gangsta_red1384d ago

HA! This should actually be a mode in Madden!

ziggurcat1384d ago

i was going to say - does it involve deflated footballs?

and then i saw this article is satire... and a funny one, to boot.

OrangePowerz1384d ago

Belichick would rate it 20/10. Can we also get a Saints mode where you get cash for every tackle and the stronger the tackle the higher the payout? :)

iliimaster1384d ago

i thought i didint see him in madden.... well is he being fined for it? like marshawn lynch is being fined for everything they can find they began with the tuck rule and hopefully they end with deflate gate

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The story is too old to be commented.