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The original 1998 LucasArts cult classic, Grim Fandango has finally been remastered and re-released on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Windows and Mac. Resurrected by none other than the masters of obscure adventure games, Double Fine Productions, Grim Fandango has returned so that all players can once again take a trip through the Land of the Dead with hombre favorito, Manny Calavera.

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HisRoyalFlyness1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

This trend of remaking games seriously needs to end, it's not healthy for the gaming industry .

Either way good review

Fonzy1411d ago

I agree. Maybe a sequel would be fine, but no more remakes of the originals! Let's get on with our gaming lives!

xHeavYx1410d ago

Sorry, but what the hell are you talking about?
This is a 1998-previously PC only game that got remastered. Just because you don't want it you want other people not to buy it?
Here is a better idea. Why don't you just ignore the game?

Theparanerds1410d ago

A remake or "Remastered" from 1998 i think it fine, but a remake of a gmae that's a year old i think is pushing it.

Brugal1411d ago

I respectfully disagree with you two. There's people like me who never got to experience the original. From what I understand, this game is a classic, and saying this isn't good for the industry is like saying the new remastered Led Zeppelin albums are bad for the music industry.

I do understand your perspective though, you rather these studios work on new projects. I hope so too, but Im also grateful to have the opportunity to play a classic I've never been exposed to.

LightDiego1410d ago

Well said, i never played this classic too, and soon Double Fine will release Day of Tentacle too.