Is this the Final Cover Art for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on PS4?

Sony Computer Entertainment Europa just released a batch of screenshots and artwork of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end, and it included a rather interesting detail.
One of the pieces of artwork’s file name on SCEE’s press center was very explicitly named “U4 Pack Art Final.jpg.”

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4theplayers1411d ago

Best Uncharted cover so far.

KwietStorm1411d ago

I Don't think there's anything special about that cover. He's just hanging from the train. Doesn't really stand out. This cover, the dark ambience, Drake looking wilted, the center focus.. It all fits the title and the theme of the game, which also gives the image more meaning.

mattdillahunty1411d ago

white male facing/walking toward on the cover with gun in hand? how original.

Uncharted 2's cover was way better.

gatormatt801411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

If this is indeed the final cover for UC4 then it's definitely my favorite cover of the series to date. It's not original, no. But I definitely like the dark tone ND is implying. I think the Uncharted series is headed into uncharted waters... And I can't wait!

Wizard_King1411d ago

Is this even news?

Get off the hype train fanbabies

kneon1411d ago

I have to agree with mattdillahunty, this is just like countless other covers for other shooters. Nothing special about it.

aRTCy1411d ago

Don't worry...if this is the cover the Game of the Year Edition will be more spectacular!

Joda1411d ago

as long as its better than that poopstain uncharted 3. U2 was the best hands down, I still play multiplayer today.

nowitzki20041411d ago

Are you georgenoob?

You have to be the biggest troll on the internet. GTFO! Get a life dude, seriously. Click something else if you dislike the game. Holy Fuc*

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Pitch_Blanck1411d ago

Totally agree with that!
Darker visual so far. Can't wait for this game and the new feeling that goes with it!
Go Druckmann, go!!!

get_real1411d ago

jeez, people here are so desperate to promote anything and everything that is related to this game. Even a cover of Nathan taking a dump butt-naked would be considered a ''Masterpiece and best cover ever'' by these fanboys.

Relientk771411d ago

Nathan Drake looking serious

LordMaim1411d ago

Isn't it supposed to be "Chin down, eyes up"?

LOL_WUT1411d ago

Looks like a CoD cover ;)

JMaine5181411d ago

It would be a great choice if so. That picture says so much about Nathan drake and his journey

WeAreLegion1411d ago

Probably. It's a great image.

I would love to see Sully on a cover though.

SmokingMonkey1411d ago

I was looking at the Gameinformer issue of U4 and they talked about Sam, Drakes brother. They say he will be like Ellie except he will actually be very competent and even be a little stronger than Drake.

Made me think, how cool would U4 be if it had co-op?

Especially split screen co-op!

Drake and Sully
Drake and Sam
Sam and Sully
Chloe and Elena.............hhhmmmmm Chloe and Elena

WeAreLegion1411d ago

I'd love to see co-op in Uncharted, honestly. As long as it's not necessary. Even a separate co-op campaign would make me happy.

BC_Master_Haze1411d ago

Now that is DLC I would buy.

PR_FROM_OHIO1411d ago

That's a nice looking cover art!!! This game is going to be so fucking EPIC I can't wait!!!!!

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