Life is Strange Episode 1 Out Tomorrow on PS4, PS3 - Launch Trailer

PS Blog:
"Hi everyone, Jmax from DONTNOD here, and I’m delighted to share the launch trailer for Life is Strange, which is out tomorrow on PS4 and PS3!

We are all thrilled at the idea that players are finally getting their hands on our new game. It’s been an intense and sometimes challenging journey, but it was definitely worth it. And, well, it’s far from over, as the team here is very hard at work on parts 2 through 5, ensuring they get released at timely intervals so you always know when the next one is going to drop."

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WESKER20151360d ago

@1:26. Twin Peaks reference ;), this looks interesting, will be checking this out tomorrow.

reko1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )


Moe-Gunz1360d ago

Man I can't wait to get into this. Hopefully it doesn't take a while for it to get on the store tomorrow.

ziggurcat1360d ago

this game looks great. gonna buy it as soon as it's available (which i'm hoping is midnight tonight).

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