11 Indie Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

TheRichest - Indie video games are often overlooked as lesser titles than their triple-A counterparts, opting for simpler graphics and obscure gameplay. If you’re one of the people who share this opinion, we can confidently recommend all of the titles on this list and guarantee you’ll change your tune. The immense power under the respective hoods of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is certainly impressive, and triple-A titles often represent some of the best games ever, but indie titles from lesser known developers should never be ignored. They offer a different kind of experience, often removed from the conventional structure of big-budget games, that can resonate with you in much the same way, even on a deeper level in some cases. While we all enjoy realistic graphics to marvel and admire, indie games can achieve great heights—true gaming masterpieces—through simple yet gorgeous graphics that utilize vibrant colours and a strong narrative.

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