Are the Super Mario Amiibo figures worth buying?

Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not you should buy the Super Mario Amiibo figures.

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Magnus1385d ago

If your a kid whose going to use them then they will buy them. Collectors buy for their favorite characters Like Princess Zelda or Samus Aran or Fox Macleod. My I just buy them keep them in their packaging and display them. Wish Nintendo would start making Amiibos from Super Mario RPG wouldn't mind a Mallow and a Gino Amiibo.

Highlife1385d ago

Got a couple for my kids but I don't see the point. They don't really do much for any game. I guess only if your a collector or your kids are going to play with them and not just with the games.

CorndogBurglar1385d ago

Honestly, yes they are worth it, but not for the reason they were intended.

Some of these figures have become very rare and hard to find.

In the future, collectors are going to be willing to pay big bucks for them. Most likely, not any time soon, but maybe 20-30 years from now? It would not surprise me one bit. Just look at some of the ridiculous games from video game history that sell for huge bucks now a days!

Anything that is rare, people will pay for.

Toman851385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Have 19 Amiibo's already. Six of them are opened.
Have them for the collection and they are looking awesome on my display wall.

jholden32491385d ago

Dang right they're worth it, and on two fronts at that.

They're worth it just as collectible figures alone, and they're worth it based solely on the content you get alone, separate from being a collectible figure. Sure, it might just be a little thing here in a little thing there for each game, but when you're talking about dozens of games across the span of two separate platforms, that content starts adding up pretty quickly.

For example, you buy a couple amiibo. Ok, so now you get:

1) collectible figure
2) costume in Mario Kart
3) weapons in Hyrule Warriors
4) Level 1-50 AI sparring partners in Smash Bros (for BOTH versions)
5) enhanced Spin Dash and outfits in Kirby Rainbow Curse
6) added challenge for every level in Captain Toad
7) Exclusive mode and boards in Mario Party 10
8) Nintendo character skins for jets in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy
9) Fire Emblem characters join your party in Code Name STEAM, permadeath and all
10) unannounced functionality in Yoshi's Wooly World
11) unannounced functionality in Star Fox U
12) unannounced functionality in Legend of Zelda Wii U
13) unannounced functionality in Xenobkade Chronicles X
14) functionality in games they haven't announced functionality for yet (ex. new Fire Emblem)

Ya, for $13 I can't see how that's NOT worth it. $10 for me through Gamers Club at Best Buy

Highlife1384d ago

Ha what a bunch of hot trash. Same credo now as skylanders . Have to buy a toy to unlock crap already on the disc. Junk

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