Project CARS Dev: "We think VR is a very good fit for racing games"

VRFocus - Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS remains an intriguing proposition for virtual reality (VR). Currently in development for multiple formats, the studio has committed to bringing a VR component to each system that supports the use of head-mounted displays (HMDs). The reason for this is a simple one: Slightly Mad Studios believes that VR works well with racing videogames.

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SniperControl1410d ago

Playing PCars via VR is a tottaly amazing experience, the level of immersion is staggering with my G27 setup, i've been caught out so many times reaching for buttons and the gear stick with-in my virtual car lol.
The Rift consumer version does need a res/fps boost though, [email protected] just isnt cutting it, you can literally see individual pixals, maybe a 2K display at 120fps.
But for me, VR is a massive game changer.

Rimeskeem1411d ago

I agree a lot with this. It would make the sense of speed so much harsher and increase the adrenaline rush, especially when you crash. it might even make you play better.

crazychris41241410d ago

VR tech with a steering wheel is going to be awesome

level 3601410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

A more natural and freer panoramic view *nearly as like in real life driving situations I believe is what VR-tech will add to racing/driving games experience.

Just hope that when these VR goggles come out that they be reliable, durable, *responsive enough, *future-proof when it comes to DLC updates/compatibility issues until the next wave of PC/game consoles.

Because I really want to invest in one and don't want my money to go to waste.