'Dying Light' Be the Zombie and Co-op modes: A smashing, terrifying good time

Dying Light has many, many curiosities to it and without a doubt one of them is the new multiplayer mode, Be the Zombie. While co-op during the daytime does provide some unique gameplay moments, Be the Zombie is where some of the most fun is at in all of Dying Light.

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Draven12341362d ago

Haven't played Be the Zombie yet. Looks fun. Anybody else having trouble finding co-op games on Xbox One? I've tried a few times, and have been unsuccessful in finding a game. I wasn't playing during peak hours, so maybe that's the problem. Will try again later on. The game has been fun, I must say. Somewhat difficult, but there's nothing wrong with that. I'm sure it'll get easier as I unlock more skills.

RG_Dubz1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Meh, you're not really a zombie.. Feels more like you're playing as Venom from Spiderman even more so when you look at your hands, it's unfortunate they didn't do a play as the infected (fast zombies) when invading someone's game during the day, the whole day turns to night when someone invade is kinda stupid (that's only if you have invade set to anytime)

Could have been even better if you could stealth join a freeroam game at night and have it be just that freeroam, giving the be the zombie player a set number of lives.. The competitive game is decent but the more options the better.