PUGCast Ep. 5: Most Infuriating Gaming Moments & Representation Roundtable

This week's show kicks off with the customary rating of the latest video game news. In Scott's absence, Tara Jayne steps up to the plate to grade everyone's stories, which include yet another Xbox One price change, a man dying from too much gaming, Elder Scrolls Online going free-to-play, and Microsoft's announcement of its HoloLens AR project.

Moving on, the panel discuss their most infuriating and frustrating gaming moments. They then have an in-depth discussion about representation, including the positive trends towards the inclusion of people from all backgrounds in video games.

Finally, they look ahead to a jam-packed month of new releases in February.

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mrjam01384d ago

Wiimote punch to the face son!

addman001384d ago

Tough topic, well handled!