Nintendo's Stock Drops Nearly 9% Following the Quarterly Report

Gamnesia writes: Nintendo's stock sharply declined by 8.66% in just one day, dropping Nintendo's stock value down to its lowest point since October just after reaching year-long highs during the holiday season.

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Playdor1385d ago

Hmm, not really that surprising.

frezhblunts1384d ago

To me its a little crazy because they sold so many amiibos already plus they are at 9 mil consoles sold and keeping a steady profit. Still with that said I am sure many expect more from Nintendo

Highlife1384d ago

Microsoft's stock fell 10% and they are fine so is Nintendo.

Agent_00_Revan1384d ago

But if they would stop being stingy with the production of the Amiibos and other things like the Majoras Mask New 3DS, imagine the increase in numbers they could pull. Right now the ones profiting most from the Amiibos are the scalpers.

Magicite1384d ago

why did it fall, didnt they post profits?

Shnazzyone1384d ago


However the yen fell and their stock always falls after the holiday season. It's really not a big deal. They are still a profitable company. Making about 270 million in profits last quarter.

MrSwankSinatra1385d ago

why is this news? stocks fluctuate everyday.....

Erimgard1385d ago

9% is more than a fluctuation. That's over a billion dollars in market value dissipating overnight.

nidhogg1385d ago

It's good that we got people like you around here.

3-4-51384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

This happened like 6 months ago, and then like 3-7 days later it went back up by 14% or something.

* With all the good new games on the way it will increase, plus the New 3DS & 2015's game selection for both 3DS & Wii U will help.

* Wii U won't get as many bandwagon sales as the PS4...just the way it is...but stocks do move THIS MUCH, at least in this industry, from time to time.


* They spent money on new stuff?

- New 3DS models, New Amiibo's, new game development.

That all costs money.

Money that they Have yet to recoup, so ofcourse their stock dropped, as their money in hand is less because they spent it on developing these new products.

They will now sell those products at a profit and the next report will show the increase and difference.

How don't people get this?

eyeofcore1384d ago

...and what? it will get back up in a few days, its a short term and not long term drop.

1B$ is pocket change compared to Nintendo's main competitor that was worth over 10 years ago 160+ B$ and now they are 1/10 of that value plus 160B$ from early 2000's would be today more or less 200B$.

MoveTheGlow1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I know they have a war chest of money from the Wii, but I can't help but think they've already moved in a new direction away from the Wii U or are trying to make it cheaper. The cost of the gamepad's making it tough for them to cut the price, and I think it's killing them on sales. They already didn't see the bump they wanted with Mario Kart or Smash. A new Zelda game will only help so much.

Whether it's a new WiiU at a lower price, a price cut, or their new console (please be a portable/home console hybrid!), they really must be planning on doing something in reaction to this chain of events in the future.

Gamer19821384d ago

The 3DS hasn't sold as well as they would have liked purely because of the mobile market. Its still selling millions just not what they expected. The WiiU is the main issue for them though as they barely make profit from it. They make something like £30 a console and thanks to lack of 3rd party the attach rate of games per year is low as they are relying only on 1st party sales. I can see them trying a relaunch of the WiiU this year with a new look and smaller hardware to save on costs and maybe try to claw in some 3rd party deals.

tlougotg1385d ago

Cant wait for Nintendos new system after the Wiiu. I think theyll learn from Wiiu blunders and the next system will be priced well and have decent tech in it.

frezhblunts1384d ago

I like the wii u a lot and the games they introduced on it

LOL_WUT1384d ago

He was talking about the price and the overall quality of the hardware. I too can't wait to see what they come up with hopefully something more traditional ;)

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