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Playdor1360d ago

Now I have an excuse to try out Transistor.

JackVagina1360d ago

Herd great things about it and its been nominated for GOTY awards.

vishmarx1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

goddamn i just bought transistor last month
and rogue legacy a while before that.
both excellent games though

Bennibop1360d ago

@vishmarx even more gutted I bought Transistor last weekend with my 10% code!!! Great game though.

Gamer19821360d ago

DAMN I'm sorry but games with gold got Sniper Elite V2 and Brothers? Thats a massive difference in quality.. Brothers is a great game dont get me wrong but PS got 2 amazing games in transistor and rogue legacy which are both as great as brothers and then some more on top not to mention ps4 games.. 3 PS4, 3 ps3 and 2 vita games vs 2 xbox 360 games.. MS gamers need to keep complaining to MS or at least speak with there wallets and show they want this kind of content.

Kidmyst1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

@gamer1982 PSPlus had Brothers a Year ago. I downloaded but have yet to play it.

Volkama1360d ago

Bought it around November and haven't even launched it yet. Same thing with Infamous First Light, and D4 on the Xbox.

There is probably a lesson to be learned, but I'll probably find I own March's free games as well.

northpaws1360d ago


No need to "goddamn", thanks for supporting game developers, gamers who buy games help keeps the industry alive.

Moe-Gunz1360d ago

Transistor is an amazing game. I had to get the Plat for it. Love the combat system.

VforVideogames1360d ago

And this is why i don't buy indies anymore.

harrisk9541360d ago


PS4 got Brothers a long time ago with PS+ ... A lot of the games that XB is geeting with GWG now were already given away on PS+ in the past.

Transistor is fantastic and if you haven't played it you are missing out.

And Apotheon looks stellar.

medman1360d ago

Yeah, I just bought Transistor in Dec., but I picked it up when it fell to nine dollars so I'm not offended. I'm glad more gamers will get to play it, it's pretty darn awesome.

Why o why1360d ago

Platinum'd Transistor too

really good game

once I found my loadout the game wasnt as tough as it was beforehand. Great audio and visuals.

guitarded771360d ago

It's the only game calling me this month (I already have Yakuza 4). The rest are not doing anything for me. The past couple of months have been kinda "meh" too. But it's cool, Dragon Age Inquisition has been keeping me bust as of late. That game s is badass, glitches and all. But what would a Bioware game be without glitches?

miyamoto1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I heart PS Plus

Happy Love Month Gaming PlayStation Nation!


I am gonna have me some fun!

The Transistor will return after these messages.

At least those who bought these games get to own them even without PS+.
Win Win situation.

Here are the games I will not get from PS + but will get Day One Digital.

Uncharted 4
The Order 1886
Toukiden Kiwami
J Stars Victory VS Plus
Persona 5
Tearaway Unfolded
Batman Arkham Knight
Fat Princess Adventures
Mighty No 9
Project Phoenix
Target Earth
Until Dawn

Joda1360d ago

outlast and strider are the only indies that didn't piss me off. plus needs to step it up. $50 a year for broken online, voice chat, messages, and a bunch of chincy atari-like indies is not a good value in my opinion.

bouzebbal1360d ago

Transistor is amazing.
I'm looking forward to finally play my first Yakuza.

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sobotz1360d ago

That moment when you already bought it before and havent even launch it up yet.

Anon19741360d ago

I almost bought Transistor last week but hesitated as I have a few games left to finish. Looking forward to trying this out!

joab7771360d ago

Yep. I debated b/w that and Grim and bought Grim on Tuesday. Great choice. Wow. I literally almost wasted money. And I've wanted to play this game for so long.

Thief should be coming to PS4 soon. Not great, bit definitely worth a free try.

uth111360d ago

I'd rather take the awesome indie games in Transistor and Rogue Legacy over the lackluster AAA game, Thief.

Had Thief, played it once. Traded it in.

TheTwelve1360d ago

AMAZING game, AMAZING soundtrack

callahan091360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Awesome! Been waiting on Transistor, wanted to play it a lot, but was hoping it would come to PS+ some day. Great timing! Also, Rogue Legacy! Nice! Not sure what Apotheon is, but I'll gladly give it a play at the price of free :)

ShutUpDonny1360d ago

Watch out for Rogue Legacy. It's crack.

ZeroX98761360d ago

Rogue legacy is freaking awesome! one of the best indie I played in the last five years. I love pretty much every 2D platformer, but the difficulty in this one is exactly what I was searching for.

Happy to see more gamers will be able to play this great game via PS plus.

Now, about that driveclub PS+ edition, was there any update since it was delayed? bought the full game, but some of my friends were waiting to try it on PS plus first.

xfiles20991360d ago

Another great Month I almost bpught Transistor this past weekend glad I didn't

RosweeSon1360d ago

Knew there was a reason why I'd persuaded myself not to try it... This exact scenario.. Free copy whoop whoop.

S2Killinit1360d ago

its good, but you need to play it a bit to get the hang of it, otherwise you could loose interest before it gets good.

Why o why1360d ago

Definitely. Solid solid title

mechlord1360d ago

it happened to me. first playthru was ok, nice story, great mood, the little touches...gorgeous soundtrack, but didnt fully understand the function loadouts and other aspects of the battle system.
Second playthrough, boom! platinum :) btw, this is one of the easy kinda platinum

GordonKnight1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )


christian hour1360d ago

One of my personal GOTY's, wonderful narration unrivaled by most big AAA games this year, and that soundtrack. Delicious

levian1360d ago

Isn't this it's second or third time being a PS+ game for PS4?

-EvoAnubis-1360d ago

It's never been on PS+ before.

XanderZane1360d ago

Very glad I didn't buy Transistor or Rogue Legacy. Apotheon and Yakuza 4 looks good as well. Going to be busy in the month of Feb. Fun times ahead.

MNGamer-N1360d ago

Transistor is EXCELLENT of of my favorite games of last year

aceitman1360d ago

Ok , I thinks it's time people stop complaining about the games they get from ps plus for 50$ a year Sony gave out 1,500$ worth of games just because it's not ur type of game it doesn't mean it isn't someone elses. Sony could have just charged 50$ a year to play online and give nothing like xbox live did , but they didn't . People said at the beginning that ps plus won't work for Sony , but they where wrong and even got ms to do a similar thing. I now it is a perk and I'm thankful for it. And hope nothing like people complaining about the games ruin it. They should stop being ungrateful and appreciate the free games. Yes I said it free. Ur 50$ is used for online play or for the 50$ worth of games then the 1,450$ of games. Ur taste or not.

globeofgamers1360d ago

It's a great game, especially since it's free :)

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Qrphe1360d ago

Can't wait for Apotheon, one of the best indie titles at PSX.

joab7771360d ago

I'll have to try it now. I'm on a catch up kick. Playing Grim now, kinda catch up in a way.

wynams1360d ago

Transistor is a great game and an easy platinum.

Not sure what makes me more salty ...

no Driveclub PS + edition update
saying it is "still in the works, please be patient"

mezati991360d ago

Just buy the game like i did. Worth every penny

kayoss1360d ago

Totally agree. I've been playing Driveclub and Destiny since it came out. Driveclub I bought for 39.99 and its worth every penny so far. If you wait for the PS+ edition, you will missing out a lot when you decide to buy it.

spacedelete1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

don't listen to the fools telling you to waste your money. instead of the "PlayStation Plus" version they will just give everyone the full game instead as a apology.

as for this weeks line up it seems okay at best. a few interesting games like Transistor but Thief on PS3 instead of PS4 is just trolling PS4 owners the same way they trolled PS4 owners after buying Tomb Raider then one month later give it free on PS3.

you can tell Vita is dead when it just gets cross buy games and trash i wouldn't even play on my phone.

i said it before February was going to decide what we were going to get the whole year and looks like slowly they are going to cancel the IGC.

northpaws1360d ago


Please delete yourself.

Ron_Danger1360d ago


If you are going to post a rant, make sure it's founded in fact, unlike the opinion/ theory filled garbage you posted.

Maybe that's why you have one bubble. You must think opinion and fact are interchangeable.

ipach1360d ago

yeah, it is surprisingly hard to find it for the cheap at retail (even used) - so I jumped at it with my 10% weekend PSN coupon and have to say it is a very solid racer. it is not quite perfect in terms of nailing that 'soul' of a road racer game, but it is very very close. very much nails the arcade/sim mix that I personally enjoy. lack of tuning might seem like a turnoff, but frankly I'd rather spend my time driving and this wastes very little of your time. the challenges are sometimes pretty tough, but never cheap or hair pull worthy at all. and man, the night and/or bad weather driving is absolutely bonkers.

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BLow1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Ok we get it. People want Driveclub free edition. But if you really want to try out the game you have 2 OTHER OPTIONS. OPTION 1: Shareplay with someone who has the game. OPTION 2: Rent the game. At most you are going to be out of what like 4 bucks. The game has been out for months now and if being out $4 since it came out in October is a problem, then you sir, have the wrong hobby.

Don't get me wrong that this was a complete mess up on Evolution's part but if you really want to try the game then just rent it. It will cost you less than combo meal at a fast food joint. Happy gaming...

G20WLY1360d ago

If you're still somehow unsure SharePlay the complete game for as long as you like, for free - and then buy it! ;^)

xfiles20991360d ago

Yeah I bought Driveclub from Amazon during there Christmas sales best purchase I have made for my PS4. That game is so much fun I have played that game more than any other game I own. I have not had this much fun with a racing game since Ridge Racer on the PS1. Do yourself a favor and buy it you will not regret it.

Spotie1360d ago

It's SO easy to get your hands on the game for cheap or nothing. There's renting it, SharePlaying it, buying a used copy, Redbox... Continually bitching about it isn't even funny anymore... well, it never was.

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lelo2play1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Dam... I was expecting Thief for PS4. What about Driveclub? Already played Transistor.

Not a good PS+ month for me.

BattleTorn1360d ago

Isn't it weird that I might get to playing the free PS3 Thief over the PS4 copy I already own?.....

TFJWM1360d ago

Umm that makes 0 sense

Deadpool6161360d ago

Yakuza 4 surprised me when I saw it on the list. Now more people will see how awesome this series is.