New Killing Floor 2 Screenshots Show Maximum Gore

Gore fans will love these brand new Killing Floor 2 screenshots, showing lots of zombies, weapons and blood.

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Aurenar1385d ago

I hate zombie games! :\

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1384d ago

Casual gamers...

Kandy Krush awaits...

xfiles20991384d ago

I love Zombie games but will admit There starting to take over gaming which is getting old.

NiteX1384d ago

Good thing KF isn't a zombie game.

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ccgr1385d ago

Haven't played the first one

Imp0ssibl31385d ago

It was only ever released on PC.

Pandamobile1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Then you're in for a treat. Killing Floor is an absolute riot when you play it with friends.

Had a few LAN parties in high school where KF took center stage. I've never heard so many of my friends yelling and screaming in frustration/terror as we tried to beat the final wave and patriarch.

mixelon1384d ago

It doesn't really have a plot, so no loss really. :)

solar1384d ago

Panda is 100% correct. The first game was terrible, but playing with friends the game is an absolute blast. Plus tons of way to troll!!

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Festano1385d ago

I love this much gore! Day One!

nucky641384d ago

never played the first one but i'll give this sequel a try - it looks like good, crazy fun.

NiteX1384d ago

Still play the first game sometimes. It's hands down the best wave mode game ever made.