Techland Is Working On A Performance Patch For Dying Light, Recommends Using View Distance At 50%

Techland announced today that it is currently working on a performance patch for the PC version of Dying Light.

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warriorcase1363d ago

Loving this game. I just turned my textures from high to medium and fixed my s-s-s-stutters and not that major a difference either.

camel_toad1363d ago

Loving it too. I was honestly expecting the whole free-running thing to be a bit of a hyped-up letdown in the game but I couldnt have been more wrong.

strangeaeon1363d ago

I really want this game but waiting until a few patches have rolled out.

Testfire1362d ago

Same here, I'm a patient man so I can wait.

calvincrack1362d ago

If the game is running like ass for you then the best advice I've found is to disable sun shadows. Google how to do that, there are some short guides for you. And then turn all other settings to low. This increased my FPS to the point where I'm usually running around 60+ . There are still tons of slowdowns but I'm able to play and enjoy the game now . Dying light is shaping up to be this year's Crysis. A good looking game so poorly optimized, pc's in 5 years will have trouble running it perfectly

BattleTorn1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Does anyone wonder if they'll be able to patch in more control schemes?

I want to move the jump button, but at the same time don't know of any better placement of it... (seeing as a X-button might restrict view while running)

IrishSt0ner1362d ago

Runs fine on my 770. Turned viewing distance to zero and put textures to medium to guarantee a solid 60 (runs around 75fps without any large drops)

starchild1362d ago

Good to know. I should be able to get good performance then with the right settings on my 970 and gsync monitor.

RVanner_1362d ago

I'm running a 970 but with an AMD 8350. With medium textures and view distance at 0, No HBAO+ or DOF I get 60fps at times but frequent fluctuations between the 30's, then 40's back to 60. Quite unplayable.

However if If I play at 4k DSR I get a locked 30fps and can pretty much max the game out!

IrishSt0ner1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Must be CPU heavy... tried NIVIDA settings. i7 4790 runs 70-75fps in the city, high textures, medium shadows, HBAO+ off, 40% view, everything else on. Lowest drop is 49fps but bounces straight back.