Naughty Dog On Shipping A Polished Game:Downloading 20GB Patch Or Similar Is Not The Best Experience

The current generation of consoles have been marred by broken promises and game launches. Last year's Assassin's Creed Unity and DriveClub were prime examples of this.

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supes_241357d ago

And this is why they are considered the best there is by many gamers out there. They really care about the quality of their product and will not release something half a$$ed. Major props to Naughty Dog!

DragoonsScaleLegends1357d ago

The Last of Us multiplayer on PS4 was not working correctly at launch, it took forever to find a match which they act like the patches fixed the issue but sometimes it still won't connect me until I back out and try again.

StarLord_Who1357d ago

I'm guessing that you have a ps4 because you have two bubbles (enough to complain but not enough to be believed by everyone)
I used to have two bubbles until i posted two things at the same time by accident.

I would like to back you up. I played The Last of Us two days ago and it took me an hour to get in to a game. After i finally got in to a game, my village got attacked because i couldn't execute 15 people and my sick residents died, so i am angry at this game up to now lol angry surrounded by my 22 camp residents.

thanhgee1357d ago


So you're mad at the game because you suck? O.o

KnownAsEpic1357d ago

Sony servers nothing to do with Naughty Dog game quality.

Dawknight3161357d ago

BOW DOWN to Naughty God!!! BOW DOWN!

Gore-Content1357d ago

Yes. Take your time. If it's not coming this year, it's ok. It's the quality that matters.

christocolus1357d ago

It isn't just ubisoft. Capcom, EA, 343, monolith, evolution,Rockstar etc basically every dev is doing it now. They do this because they knoe most consoles are now connected to the they really don't care if they release unfinished games afterall it can always be patched by releasing an update online.

Jaqen_Hghar1357d ago

don't forget Halo MCC's massive patch

Kribwalker1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Master chief collections massive patch is because of all the content and the fact it could not all fit on one disc.

If I need to download a 15-20gb patch because you are trying to give me more content then a Blu-ray Disc can hold, I will happily download that

And Naughty Dog patches and releases games with bugs too, look at the last of us remastered

masterfox1357d ago

But thats totally ok!, PC gamers and Xbox one owners like to do that all time, Am I Right?

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The story is too old to be commented.